Who am I?

<the twofold side of tegis>

Carl-Mikael A. Teglund (tegis) – Swedish emigrant who likes globalization, freedom of speech, social mobility, creativity and the wild Nordic nature.

The worst enemies against a healthy and thriving society are socialism, ignorance, lack of respect for our common resources and the environment, bigotry, lust for power, rootlessness, and the glorification of backwardness (cultural & environmental relativism).


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  1. Lisa says:

    Calle we miss u


    come back

    börja skriv på svenska, din sverre!

    Love/ Lisa

  2. yerzhana says:

    Kalle, Frjálslyndi flokkurinn Íslands? Aweee, you have dropped a few scales down for me. Nice graphical representation of your political position. How did you do that?
    See you around.

  3. tegis says:

    Hi Yerzhana. *hehe* To be honest with you I am not really capable of judging about Icelandic politics (yet) because I’m kinda new to the country. But of course I want to be better versed in it so it would be cool if you would like to help me? =) My statement about Frjálslyndi flokkurinn Íslands is made mostly due to that I’ve heard that the Independence Party is a conservative party, and I do not support conservative policies in social matters. Although I love their economic policies.
    I did the graphical representation at http://www.politicalcompass.org. You can find the direct link to that page at my links on the first page. Hope to hear from you soon so we can discuss more about Icelandic politics! 😉 What’s your name now again?

  4. yerzhana says:

    Well Calle old friend, I am afraid that Icelandic politics are very boring thing. I know that politics are theatre and a game. But Icelandic politics have too much of both and to little of… you know- politics. Frjálslyndi flokkurinn is new guys in the field and due to the split of the leftist coalition they have managed to gain more votes and power. As result they are openly heard now, and play the part that is reserved to opposition in the country. Instead of doing something useful with it, like fighting for freedoms for example. They have started paranoid discussion on emigrant issue of Iceland with the same barbaric menu foreigners take our jobs! (There are less than 1% of unemployment in the country, post office had to import Poles to work!), Icelanders don’t have to pay for foreigners that came here and do nothing (bs most of the foreigners work their backs off, because they will never receive no unemployment benefits and as far as I know there are no other benefits available in Iceland), foreigners they don’t speak no Icelandic (I will just skip this one), foreigners and especially none-Christians and none-Caucasians are menace to little Iceland, they will spoil our culture for ever! Well everyone is entitled for his or her opinion, but this is paranoia! And so close to the next election! Cheap, layman trick that many Icelanders will swallow up and believe. Because they are little nation, because we, the foreigners do mix up as they say their blood and bring foreign staff into the country. But hallo, really check, the children of new generation they are our children as well. We do speak Icelandic and without new genes, or new customs, with out being at least 500000 Icelanders will intermarry to a disgraceful stage and the culture will become stagnant and resolve itself. But who cares for reality? Or what is right and truthful? After all there are no truth there is only a matter of opinion.

  5. tegis says:

    *hehe* Boring thing as in *yawn* or boring as in “it is a tragedy”?? I know that they are the newest party here and I’ve read their political agenda. I don’t know so much about them, but I do know that they are social-liberal (however, I don’t know how much they emphisize on the “social” part in the term social-liberal, if you know what I mean). I am indeed very worried about that they are going to work together with the Socialists and other left-wing parties here in Iceland. The Independence Party would be a far better choice for me, but they collaborate with conservative forces in Europe and I cannot work together with people whom supports ban of abortions, religious values and politics merged together and have racistic values and stresses protectionism.
    I am also worried about that the FF will turn into some anti-immigration movement, according to what you state here. I can assure you, I am a radical libertarian on this matter, and I am staunch to the belief of abolishing as many borders as possible in our world, thus pro a liberal immigration policy to the max; a free capitalism where everyone can live where ever they want as long as they not live like ticks onto others! I can also support some sort of language test to prevent that people whom do not intend to work here and make an honest living wouldn’t have the chance to stay here. Everyone who rely on himself/herself shall be welcomed/everyone who wants to suck taxmoney from Icelandic taxpayers should be beaten and stomped! =)
    Of course this includes everything between Polish, Swedes, Icelanders and people from Kazakstan.

    Sincerely Yours!
    //Carl-Mikael A. Teglund

  6. Herr Anders says:

    Har du helt glömt bort debatten på http://www.direktdemokraterna.org? Vissa skulle kanske hävda att du har en del att bevisa efter att ha avslöjat dig själv som anti-demokrat.

    Hursomhelst verkar du ju vara en vittberest typ. Vi skulle ju kunna leka länder-leken för att lätta upp stämningen.

  7. tegis says:

    Hehe I’m right there bro’! Antidemokrat är ju lite väl att ta i. Jag förklarar mer på hemsidan.

    Jag stämningen är ganska lättsam, men jag är alltid öppen för lekar! =)

  8. Herr Anders says:

    Nu har demokraterna svarat dig igen.

    Jag vet inte om du backpackat något. Länder-leken lärde jag mig när jag gjorde min backpacker-grundtjänst borta i Sydostasien. Den tar fasta på det faktum att backpackers är både fåfänga och sociala och försöker kombinera detta.

  9. tegis says:

    Direktdemokraterna får ni väl ändå kalla er…jag tror på parlamentarisk demokrati, höjd procenttal för att få komma in i riksdagen och färre folkomröstningar bara. 🙂

    hehe nej faktiskt inte..jag har aldrig backpackat. skulle gärna vilja göra det dock. har planer på att göra det nästa år då jag är klar med mina studier. Transibiriska järnvägen känns jävligt lockande!! 😀
    Hur tog du dig till sydostasien?

  10. Herr Anders says:

    Direktdemokrati är den enda sanna demokratin. Här kommer förresten en lustig detalj. Vissa av de gamla grekiska stadsstaterna hade vår form av representativ demokrati. Men de kallade den inte demokrati utan aristokrati (aristo, de bästa, de bästas styre). Termen demokrati var förbehållet riktigt folkstyre, det vill säga direktdemokrati.

    Följaktligen anser även jag att direktdemokrati är den naturliga demokratin och någonting man inte kan vara emot utan att vara emot demokratin som sådan.

    Jag åkte transsibiriska järnvägen till Kina, cyklade (!) runt i Kina och luffade sedan vidare ner genom Sydostasien för att till slut hamna på Nya Zealand. Men det var ganska ansträngande att göra en så lång resa. Jag har inte gjort något liknande vare sig före eller efter det.

  11. tegis says:

    Möjligt. Men det rättfärdigar inte allt som sker i demokratins namn! =)

    Självklart kan man förstå fördelarna med direktdemokrati, men nackdelarna förskräcker! 😉

    Häftigt! Jag måste hålla kvar kontakten med dig då så jag kan få lite hjälp i planeringen ang min transibiriska resa! 😉


  12. Herr Anders says:

    Det finns inga nackdelar med direktdemokrati (om man inte är politiker). Vilka knasigheter du än kan tänka ut så är det större sannolikhet att 349 riksdagsledamöter ska drabbas av dem än att sju miljoner medborgare ska göra det. Tänk bara på alla dumheter som kommit ut från riksdagen utan folkets stöd. Om du räknar på det är jag helt övertygad om att du kommer att märka att det finns betydligt fler exempel av riksdagsvansinne än av folkvansinne.

    Ärligt talat tror jag att en ordentlig guidebok är mer informativ än jag. Men du kanske tänkte på mer informell information. I vilket fall så vet du ju var du kan hitta mig.

  13. estland says:

    Carl-Mikael, are you sure you want to praise the Estonian Reform party? How do you explain them being in coalition with the populist Keskerakond who have strong ties to Putin’s party in Russia? Why is Reform in coalition with two parties – Kesk and Rahvaliit – that are associated with corruption and shady affairs that don’t exactly support your ideal of a free and open society?

  14. tegis says:

    Hehe..I cannot say that I am an expert on Estonian politics, but after what I’ve read about the Estonian Reform Party and their platform, I sure do like it! But maybe it differs in practice? :S
    It would be fun to know more about this since I have strong ties to Estonia! Please let me know! 😉
    I can say like this – I will have a hard time supporting the conservatives, even if they are market-liberals. I may cheer them in economical matters, but Conservatives have almost always a dark agenda in their social policies.

  15. coenraads says:

    Tjenare sötisen…när kommer du tillbaka till Tråkerås och hälsar på, vi saknar ditt galna jag här!

  16. Calle says:

    Heej Åsa! Tack før de søta orden..just nu så sitter jag på Grønland och skriver! Tack før att du besøkte min sida. Jag kommer o hælsar pa i V-ås så fort jag kommer till Sverige så klart (i September). =)
    Jag saknar er också! Hoppas ni fortsætter den blå revolutionen utan mig också! =)


  17. Herr Anders says:

    Jag vill bara uppmärksamma denna sidas innehavare om att han fortfarande har en del obesvarade demokratidebatter att ta del i.

    Dessutom har vi nu en utmärkt debatt om medborgarlöner som kunde behöva lite riktiga högerdebattörer. Alla arbetsskygga direktdemokrater håller helt på att ta över arenan.

  18. Oliver says:

    Greetings from the Venezuelan Libertarians and the ODLV!

  19. charles says:

    You say you share the views of the Parti libéral du Québec ? This is a corrupt, useless, anti-english, human rights abusive party.
    They are only interested in their pensions, their egos and their hidden agenda of denying the english speaking Quebeckers of their rights to the english language. Live in Quebec as an anglophone and see what it is like.

  20. tegis says:

    In their founding ideological foundations they are really good. I have less interest in their practice today.
    And the fact is that their situation is rather extreme – totally surrounded by another language that is the most popular one in the world today. All languages that are endangered become a little bit stingy. It happens here in Iceland too with the language of Icelandic.
    It would be fun to know more about the situation in Quebeck though. Wonderful town and a very rich and interesting history indeed. =)

  21. charles says:

    I think you have your party’s mixed up. The current Liberal party of Quebec is as I described. But, I think you mean to refer to the Parti Quebecois which has a goal for separation from Canada as a sovereign nation. I don’t have much to say about either party. The Liberal party is a mianstream party with it’s sister party in federal politics – liberal party of canada. Both Liberal party’s have turned their backs on the english minority in Quebec ( we call ourselves anglophones). There is so much history and politics in Quebec, where can one begin. Put it this way, we have political turnouts on voting day whereby 90 % or greater of eligible voters have turned out to vote.
    But let me say this – the Quebec majority language of French is not in any way or form ready to die out. Montreal is probably the second largest french speaking city in the world – after Paris. The Quebecois francophones have emerged with incredible wealth, coroporate control, autonomy and political power in Canada. In fact, look how many Prime Ministers of Canada are from Quebec! Also, the francophones represent over 28 % of the federal civil service, but, the anglophones represent a mere 1 % of the Quebec provincial civil service. Are you aware that we have a political agency that enforces sign laws in Quebec? They have to be in French only or the english has to be two thirds smaller in lettering. If you come from another country and you want to enrol your children in an english school – forget it! It goes on and on.
    One more painful note…the major players in Quebec politics who cry for independance from Canada and say that english is threatening Quebec society…they send their own children to private english schools, or have been educated themselves abroad or marry Americans.
    It is more of a class struggle…those that have, want to keep those who have not down in the dirt.
    But other than that, Quebec is beautiful and Montreal is fantastic.
    In summary, education is like love…it should be effortless …………..

  22. Random Lisa says:

    The word ‘utopia’ always frightened the hell out of me. It apparently means ‘going nowhere’

  23. Casper says:

    “Social libertarian”??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    How come libertarianism is positioned at the bottom of the political compass, while Ayn Rand is at the right side? If anybody is a libertarian, I guess it is her. Do any people actually qualify for the bottom section, or is that “political compass” entirely theoretical?

  24. tegis says:

    I know! Isn’t it funny with all these affixes that you can come up with! English is a lovely language …
    Well, it simply describes where I stand politically. I am a libertarian in social matters, concerning prostitution, drugs etcetera, but more to the social liberal angle on economical matters.
    And for the political compass – you got it wrong. Left and right is a relic from the French Revolution and it concerns ONLY economical matters (the size of the state, how much the State ought to interfere with the market etcetera). It is therefore VERY confusing when news papers and others brand Hitler and Mussolini as extreme-rights! I am much more to the right than they were and Ayn Rand is definitely more to the right than anyone else that I can come up with.
    So we are in great need of a second measurement system to define the correct political position. We need something that grades such values as nationalism, conservatism in private matters, and how much private freedom we wish for each individual to have within society.
    THEN we get the second one, the vertical one that measures “Libertarian” VS “Authoritarian”. If you are scratching at the roof on this political test, then you are probably a Fascist/Nazi/Monarchist or a hard-core Authoritative Conservative. This is if you are on the right side. If you belong to the left, i.e. you want the market to be controlled in a large scale by the State (you don’t believe in Capitalism), then you’re probably a Communist (Stalinist, Leninist or Maoist – NOT, however, Trotjkist.). And yes, an anarchist would qualify for the bottom section, both left-wing and right-wing anarchists. Then you don’t want to have any State at all and all authorities are banned. Ayn Rand was against Anarchism. The difference between right-wing and left-wing anarchists are only a matter on interpretation about how they want their Utopia to look like after the State is abolished.

    //Carl-Mikael A. Teglund

  25. Bill says:

    Unless I’ve misread you, there is one view that you have wrong. Healthcare is not required and is not a threat to liberty. Healthcare is a privelge earned by the individual by being able to afford health services or proper self-maintenance. Any form of socialized healthcare reduces the liberty of the individual and the individual’s human rights for the government now dictates the health of the individual. Examples of this are clearly seen in societies with socialized healthcare. The health of a human is as random as the height of individual humans thus making healthcare less irrelevant.

  26. tegis says:

    You’re definitely correct on this one. The only thing that I do want the state to take care of is emergency treatment. No one should die on the streets just because they haven’t had the money for a proper insurance. So that is one thing I think the state ought to take care of.
    I want to have a minimal government but with a clear focus on what it should and should not do.
    Dental care should be paid by the costumer him or herself, and injuries caused by carelessness on a field day should also be paid by the costumer.
    But the main focus of the government stays solid; keeping up with a basic safety net for those who fall of the ladder so to say, counteract the creation of monopolies, preserve our nature and the cultural heritage of our ancestors and (maybe) also the maintenance of a good infrastructure …

  27. Bill says:

    Got to agree with you on this “…preserve our nature and the cultural heritage of our ancestors and (maybe) also the maintenance of a good infrastructure…”

    Not sure if monopolies are all that bad. I’ll have to mull that one. I can go either way. I would like to agree with the safety net but have seen too much abuse of it.

  28. tegis says:

    The safety net ought to be as basic as possible. And it isn’t for everyone. Only if you have been working and then maybe lost an arm or a leg at work and you can’t work anymore (but you proved that you want to contribute and do something with your life), then society should be there and help these people out, the same goes for disabled vets etc.
    If you are able to work, but don’t want to, you shouldn’t suspect being able to eat.

  29. Interesting to find a libertarian heathen/asatruar… our numbers are growing!

    You might be interested in these web sites, which centre around facts that Swedes usually don’t much about:

    http://www.omkommunismen.se (about Communism’s crimes against humanity in Sweden’s neighbouring countries, facts, history, personal accounts by victims of Communism)

    http://www.denandrastranden.se (About the ethnic Swedish minority in Estonia -history, facts, personal accounts/stories, thousands of images, movies, VR-landscapes, dialect samples and interactive, clickable maps)

    http://www.upplysningomkommunismen.se (about the UOK organization and its activities for spreading information about Communist crimes)

    All the best, keep up the good work, and should you run into Jörmundur Ingi give him our very best wishes!

    / Anders Hjemdahl



  30. Peter Englund says:

    Ale Yarok (Hebrew: עלה ירוק‎, Green Leaf) is an ultra-liberal political party in Israel. According to the English section of their website, “The GLP [Green Leaf Party] is a libertarian party and it encourages individuals and societies to upgrade their way of solving disputes to a cooperative-game logic.”

    Its political platform is based on the legalization of the Cannabis plant, marijuana and hashish, ecology, expansion of human rights and institutionalization of prostitution, gambling and same-sex marriage. Despite that in official publications, the movement claims that “the partition between Right-wing and Left-wing is anachronistic”, the party holds “dovish” political opinions and believes in the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by establishing an independent and demilitarized Palestinian state (see two-state solution). However, the party is considered by the Israeli public as the “light drugs party” since this is the main issue that gets attention in the party’s platform. Ale Yarok is known as a party that supports privatization of public companies and opposes corrupt and monopolistic trade unions.

  31. maasim says:

    Thank you for the comment. I didn’t think anyone bothered to look at my silly blog.

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