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Peeing against the wind

Does anyone else feel the same? That we are just peeing against the wind of reality here? During these times when banks, real estate businesses, and car industries are about to implode the guys at the top who should have … Continue reading

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Sten Nordin goes Keynesian

Keynesian economics seems to be the hottest thing since sliced bread right now even though it’s best-before date is long gone. In Sweden, along with almost all other “Capitalist” countries in the world, this current trend is taking over the … Continue reading

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Sitting on a bus …

Talking about technological improvement. I’m sitting on a bus between Norway and Sweden and they offer free Internet connection. This is my first add I make on a bus. Life is great and the world has never been better. I’ve … Continue reading

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It’s an overwhelming honor …

I have had the honor to be announced by MUF (the Swedish Young Conservatives) as the best blogger of the month because of my contribution on globalization, communication, and technological improvements. They even compare me with Johan Norberg, who is … Continue reading

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Sweden defeated the Soviet Union

… in hockey. In spring 1987, Sweden became World Champions in Hockey for the first time in 25 years. This was something huge back then. Since the Swedish victory in 1962, the Soviet Union had totally dominated world hockey together … Continue reading

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Lack of capitalism causes pollution, corruption, and badly delivered services

About half a year ago, I was at a meeting with the Nordic Association in Öland, a thin outstretched island east of Sweden in the Baltic ocean. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun. We … Continue reading

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and continues ……..

And contintues … half of the Swedish budget is gone. The Stockholmian stock market has dropped SEK 1 200 billion since January. Swedbank (the bank I’m using) has dropped in estimation 51 %. There has been speculations wheather or not … Continue reading

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