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Peeing against the wind

Does anyone else feel the same? That we are just peeing against the wind of reality here? During these times when banks, real estate businesses, and car industries are about to implode the guys at the top who should have … Continue reading

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Sten Nordin goes Keynesian

Keynesian economics seems to be the hottest thing since sliced bread right now even though it’s best-before date is long gone. In Sweden, along with almost all other “Capitalist” countries in the world, this current trend is taking over the … Continue reading

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Þór Sigfússon – you are my new Icelandic hero

Þór Sigfússon (Þór = Thor) is my new Icelandic hero. For the simple reason that Þór dares to state the obvious. He wants “foreigners” to own banks rather than states. Doesn’t sound that extreme, does it? Well, in Iceland it’s … Continue reading

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The truth about Thanksgiving …

I really like Johan Norberg and what he writes. I’m such a huge fan that if I was a girl and 10 years younger a poster with his face on would so be nailed to my wall. But this time … Continue reading

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Iceland 2007 Iceland 2008

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Why I strongly dislike religious boneheads

Pastor Mark Holick of the Spirit One Christian Center in Wichita says it won’t remove its message, in spite the fact that Obama is a Christian,  not a Muslim. I strongly believe that Pastor Holick should have the right to … Continue reading

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I want to be a pirate too

Everybody loves a pirate, or at least the thought of being a pirate, right? The fierce swordplay, the crazy unimaginable things that lurk beneath cold waves, and the idea of a skull and crossbones as a major fashion statement and … Continue reading

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