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Þór Sigfússon – you are my new Icelandic hero

Þór Sigfússon (Þór = Thor) is my new Icelandic hero. For the simple reason that Þór dares to state the obvious. He wants “foreigners” to own banks rather than states. Doesn’t sound that extreme, does it? Well, in Iceland it’s … Continue reading

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Iceland 2007 Iceland 2008

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Icelanders lived beyond their means …

Icelanders are not terrorists; they are inconsiderate big pocket- spenders (*). Just a generation ago, the most common cuisine was fish, fish, and fish together with some sheep head. Now – or at least until this year- the Icelandic people … Continue reading

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Icelanders are NOT terrorists

I’m back in Oslo. Apart from being extremely tired (my plane left Keflavik at 7.45 am GMT) I’m also sad for leaving the island. It’s a neat place with nice and friendly people. The country is extraordinary in its shape … Continue reading

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Iceland’s crisis

The crisis hit Iceland hard, but most people are still standing tall and live their lives as usual. It’s mostly that impression I get when I talk with people on the street downtown here in Reykjavik. The banks have collapsed, … Continue reading

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In the eye of the storm

Right now I’m in Iceland – the eye of the storm that is the financial crisis that seems to sweep over the world. Especially Iceland has been struck hard by the economic severities. The 2008 Icelandic financial crisis involves all … Continue reading

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Why I love Iceland …

Gunnar Hámundarson was a 10th century Icelandic chieftain. He lived in Hlíðarendi in Fljótshlíð and is probably better known as Gunnar á Hlíðarenda. He features prominently in the first half of Njáls saga, which tells of the chain of events … Continue reading

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