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Can homeschooling combat the State monopoly?

I must say that I find the debate regarding homeschooling intriguing. I want to end State monopoly in virtually all sectors, and homeschooling is a fine example of how diverse a free education sector actually could be. Formal classical schools … Continue reading

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Education for whom (and for what purpose)?

I study economics and school systems, most of the people in my class are pretty left-wingish and would not agree with the homeschooling idea (or any idea at all concerning private initiatives in the education sector), but for me freedom … Continue reading

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On home schooling …

My PRIVATE thoughts on home schooling is that it is an extremely bad idea. Kids need to come together into a context where they can learn together. Sure, schools are government (or religous centers’) tools but you do not only … Continue reading

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The E.G. West Center

I would just shortly like to do some commercial for a university research center called the E.G. West Center. The E.G. West Center is the only institution devoted to international and comparative educational research that is dedicated to understanding the … Continue reading

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