Banned Books Week

Last week was the Banned Books Week! I think it is a wonderful initiative that I support to the fullest, of course. The practice of banning books is a form of censorship, and often has political, religious or moral motivations. If government officials step in and ban or challenge literature that does not suit their likes, it is a certain sign on that something is not right with this society. However it is not only in the most obvious countries these things occur. In the States for instance, this week is very important because of the redneck Christian groups there supporting book burnings of the Quraan and of other books that are wrong according to them.

Chick with Books has been highlighting one book a day during that week – books that were banned or challenged in the US. She deserves a lot of cred for that!

According to her, the Christians at a 7,600-student school system in rural Virginia want to ban Anne Frank‘s remarkable diary. Why, you may ask? I asked the same question. Until it came out that Anne Frank wrote too much on sexual material and homosexual themes. Deary, deary me. Therefore, it seems that Culpeper County, Va. public school is not going to read Anne Frank at this level anymore but it will perhaps be brought up again as material at a different grade level.

Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen
//Heinrich Heine

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Guð blessi Ísland

Today it was exactly two years ago Geir Haarde hold his “Guð blessi Ísland”- speech to the Icelandic nation. This last desperate call for divine powers to save Iceland, “God Bless Iceland”, has become one of the most famous tokens describing the Icelandic financial crisis nowadays. Geir Haarde’s speech was pretty infamous at the time since it is said that it didn’t really clear anything out about the situation and it just made people even more insecure and scared than they already were …

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Love – am I making it too complicated?

Am I too demanding? Do I demand too much from life? Some friends tell me so, but I don’t know. I just want to be happy, I guess that is not that radical? I’m a really sensible loving person but my problem is that I have pretty high demands on the girl I want to be with. Perhaps that is wrong?

I just want a special someone (special for me, that is *hehe*) who gives me stimulation, both physically and mentally. I would shoot myself in the head with a thirty-eight magnum if I’d be together with someone who didn’t know who Hitler was or thinks that GDP stands for Gross Danish Porn!

I want to have someone who I learn from and who I can teach. Someone that cares about me and gives me safety and that I can give these things back to too, someone who is aware of her looks and takes care of herself and want to be healthy and dress nicely and demand the same from me! I want someone who is serious with her life and who I feel I can rely on that she can stand on her own feet in the future economically, as I believe in an equal relationship and do not wish to be someone’s sugar daddy. I need someone who has her own opinions interests desires goals and ambitions but at the same time share some of mine. Of course someone as well who I turn on sexually and who likes what I like in sex! Someone who feels genuinely “kind and good-hearted” who has nice innocent eyes and say kind words to me .. Someone who loves me and whom I can love back.

I know I demand a lot but I do not think it is dumb anymore, rather I think it is smart to demand a lot and I know there are girls out there who can fit within these demands. I hope? *lol* I want to be happy and I know what I need and what I don’t need to be happy. I don’t want someone perfect. I want someone who’s flaws are such like I can live with and love as much as I love her good qualities.

Gah, enough with sentimental BS at the moment, I guess 😛

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Protests in Iceland – again

Some 8,000 people by some counts gathered in front of the Icelandic parliament last night protesting the Left-wing government’s handling of Iceland’s domestic economic situation. Still many households face mounting debts and foreclosures and a common feeling is that Jóhanna’s government has not done enough to the problems the country are and have been facing. Many people call for new elections, with Independence Party MP Jón Gunnarsson going as far as to say there should be new elections this spring.

Iceland has gone through several phases since the crash of October 2008, when the country’s banking system collapsed in the space of a week and the currency lost half its value. First there was total astonishment that such things could happen in a supposedly advanced Nordic state, then came a period of anger, culminating in the-so called ‘Pots And Pans Revolution’ of January 2009. Now people are starting to realize that putting the current government in place wasn’t such a magic solution for their problems as people behind THOSE protests thought initially and now the anger and “revolutionary” tendencies are starting to boil up to the surface once again. It will be an interesting future in Iceland once again. I’m happy to say I’m going to be there in less than two weeks :D.

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Faroese musicians

During the summer I’ve been to the Faroe Islands during the annual Olavsøka festival. I filmed some guys at a bar who were really talented. Take a look at the plastic beer glass- drum player! 🙂



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Chavez Revolution Halted

Iceland is sinking (?) and the US is going bankrupt, but nothing bad that doesn’t bring something good with it, as we say in Sweden. Thanks to the upcoming (?) recession/depression, oil prices are bottom low. This does of course in the long run also affect the countries whose public revenues rest heavily upon the black gold. Most of these countries are dictator-ridden rat holes. One of them is Venezuela, and the rat running this country is Hugo Chavez.

A recession doesn’t have to be all bad, and that can be examplified that Chavez communist revolution has now being haltered by the dropping oil price. That is of course superb news. I hope the Venezuelan people rise up and execute their Red Dictator like the Romanian people did (they killed their dictator and broadcasted it all on TV).

Other good news is that no other Norwegian government has spent more oil money than the current government is doing right now. Hopefully, this will lead to that people in Norway understand that they can’t build up a socialist state resting on a finite natural resource. As we Swedes tend to say (we say a lot of things), one day will the Norwegian state’s oil drillers hit a dry spell and then they come crawling back to us. 🙂

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Peeing against the wind

Does anyone else feel the same? That we are just peeing against the wind of reality here? During these times when banks, real estate businesses, and car industries are about to implode the guys at the top who should have all the know-how about the basics of economics are screaming louder and louder for regulation, government bailout plans, and that it is a good-idea that tax-payers should own industries.

However, some of us urinate in the right direction. The Swedish associate professor in economics Bengt Assarsson, gives us today in DN (Swedish newspaper) “alternatives” to these other sc. “solutions”. Briefly, he put forward suggestions on how to help the Swedish car industry without bailing them out. Johan Norberg has also been on to something alike when debating the US bailouts. One suggestion that I personally thinks protrude the most is that we should do away with the VAT tax on car sales.
It says itself that this is a much better way to help the industry (a drop in prices will increase the likeliness of people buying new cars) rather than bailing them out (shoving the problems onto future generations and (possibly) increasing the income tax).

Instead of listening to sound people like Assarsson, politicians seem more keen on today to adapt some outdated Keynesian doctrine from the dust-laden 1930s. It’s a real shame.

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