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Vergesst Es Nie – In commemoration of the Kristalnacht and the Holocaust!

Tonight we commemorate the Kristalnacht, which took place 1938 on this date. It started off because of a German diplomat got shot by a Jew in Paris and Hitler called for retribution – and then the German Jews had to … Continue reading

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The tale of the mystery letter … Did Alistair Darling read this letter? If he did not – why did he lie about it? What reasons did he have?

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Icelanders are NOT terrorists

I’m back in Oslo. Apart from being extremely tired (my plane left Keflavik at 7.45 am GMT) I’m also sad for leaving the island. It’s a neat place with nice and friendly people. The country is extraordinary in its shape … Continue reading

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Louis CK “Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy”

Louis C K was visiting Conan O’Brian some weeks ago talking about that we might need some of the problems with our economy that we have now. I think he’s on to something here. This is extremely apparent when it … Continue reading

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The circles on the water surface are spreading …

This millennium was going to be the millennium of freedom and capitalism. It would have been a well-deserved time off from all the wars and illiberal ideologies such as Socialism and Nazism that controlled the century before. But Fukuyama’s prophecy … Continue reading

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Thank you Oðin I’m not Italian

An Italian comedienne (Sabina Guzzanti) who said that Pope Benedict XVI would go to Hell and be tormented by homosexual demons is facing a prison term of up to 5 years. The law that was enforced by former Fascist dictator Benito … Continue reading

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The E.G. West Center

I would just shortly like to do some commercial for a university research center called the E.G. West Center. The E.G. West Center is the only institution devoted to international and comparative educational research that is dedicated to understanding the … Continue reading

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