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Free Xiaobo!!

The global left is pissed off. China is pissed off. The Vatican is pissed off. I’m ever so proud of the Nobel Prize Committee. ūüėõ Democracy activist and dissident Liu Xiaobo received the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Or received and … Continue reading

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Burma blogger jailed …

And the punishment for the severe crime of having a blog is 20 years (in Burma). Blogger Nay Phone Latt was sentenced to more than 20 years in jail for his “illegal Internet activities”. As you can see from this … Continue reading

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Sweden defeated the Soviet Union

… in hockey. In spring 1987, Sweden became World Champions in Hockey for the first time in 25 years. This was something huge back then. Since the Swedish victory in 1962, the Soviet Union had totally dominated world hockey together … Continue reading

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Louis CK “Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy”

Louis C K was visiting Conan O’Brian some weeks ago talking about that we might need some of the problems with our economy that we have now. I think he’s on to something here. This is extremely apparent when it … Continue reading

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The wolves in Qom are laughing …

The Islamic Republic of Iran, being under American sanctions, is currently enjoying the economic crisis in the world. When markets in Europe and America are going for a roller coaster Iran is barely untouched by the turmoil. Due to the … Continue reading

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Russian rapper to Siberia …

A Russian “rapper” has been sent to the Russian tundra for making a rap song about the lousy living conditions in the Russian army. It’s well worth it to take a look. It’s a pretty sad story … (See … Continue reading

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The diversity in Caucasus

This is an image that I got from Wikipedia. It’s a map on the Ethno-Linguistic groups in the Caucasus region. Talk about great diversity – and ALL of them wants their own little piece of land which they can put … Continue reading

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