Protests in Iceland – again

Some 8,000 people by some counts gathered in front of the Icelandic parliament last night protesting the Left-wing government’s handling of Iceland’s domestic economic situation. Still many households face mounting debts and foreclosures and a common feeling is that Jóhanna’s government has not done enough to the problems the country are and have been facing. Many people call for new elections, with Independence Party MP Jón Gunnarsson going as far as to say there should be new elections this spring.

Iceland has gone through several phases since the crash of October 2008, when the country’s banking system collapsed in the space of a week and the currency lost half its value. First there was total astonishment that such things could happen in a supposedly advanced Nordic state, then came a period of anger, culminating in the-so called ‘Pots And Pans Revolution’ of January 2009. Now people are starting to realize that putting the current government in place wasn’t such a magic solution for their problems as people behind THOSE protests thought initially and now the anger and “revolutionary” tendencies are starting to boil up to the surface once again. It will be an interesting future in Iceland once again. I’m happy to say I’m going to be there in less than two weeks :D.


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