Chavez Revolution Halted

Iceland is sinking (?) and the US is going bankrupt, but nothing bad that doesn’t bring something good with it, as we say in Sweden. Thanks to the upcoming (?) recession/depression, oil prices are bottom low. This does of course in the long run also affect the countries whose public revenues rest heavily upon the black gold. Most of these countries are dictator-ridden rat holes. One of them is Venezuela, and the rat running this country is Hugo Chavez.

A recession doesn’t have to be all bad, and that can be examplified that Chavez communist revolution has now being haltered by the dropping oil price. That is of course superb news. I hope the Venezuelan people rise up and execute their Red Dictator like the Romanian people did (they killed their dictator and broadcasted it all on TV).

Other good news is that no other Norwegian government has spent more oil money than the current government is doing right now. Hopefully, this will lead to that people in Norway understand that they can’t build up a socialist state resting on a finite natural resource. As we Swedes tend to say (we say a lot of things), one day will the Norwegian state’s oil drillers hit a dry spell and then they come crawling back to us. 🙂


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One Response to Chavez Revolution Halted

  1. RF says:

    Opec Oil money serves many causes. Nice essay..

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