Awful week ahead …

OK, I know I suck. I haven’t been uploading anything important in half a week soon. Thing is that I have been to a conference meeting with the Nordic Association’s Youth Party in Sweden (which I am a member of the board in) and today I had an oral exam in Economic-History. Tomorrow I go back to Norway (8 am) and on Wednesday I have my final exam (for 6 hours) in Comparative and International Education. After that I have two days to 1) stitching up my stitches on the back of my head (I had a surgery last Friday as well), 2) Move back all my stuff from my amazing Canadian & American friends who voluntarily approved to store my things at their place, 3) Go and see my teacher and have a discussion about my upcoming Master Thesis, and finally 4) Take a walk to my friendly student organization that wanted to kick all of us out from our dorms but then changed their minds. I now have to sign a new contract with them … bastards!

*sigh* Sorry if I didn’t write anything about politics on this add. Just wanted to tell all of you why maybe this week’s contribution will get poorer than usual :).


About tegis

This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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