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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Is Iceland also a welfare state?

  3. LEE says:

    C’mon now Calle that is grossly inaccurate….we both know that Icelanders don’t wait in neatly formed lines.

  4. tegis says:

    🙂 lol, but is God damn fun 🙂 did you foresee this during your stay in Iceland this summer? Could you see it coming?
    I mean, as my hero Dr. Paul says:

    “As long as we try to live beyond our means we are destined to live beneath our means.“


  5. LEE says:

    I did not see such a collapse coming. When I left in mid-August I certainly would not have predicted all of the banks collapsing and Iceland being the target of a British anti-terror law! I frequently said it while in Iceland – Icelanders (at least those in Reykjavik) are the only people I’ve seen that can top the consumerism of Americans. I had never seen such reckless spending in my life! Then again, I’m definitely a frugal individual. They just got billions of dollars in aid today, so we’ll see if things don’t turn around for them.
    Hey – at least the polar bears aren’t trying to sneak across their borders anymore. One problem solved!

  6. tegis says:

    Lizz: All countries of today are sc. welfare states. There are however three acknowledged versions of the same. There is the liberal welfare state, the socialist/Scandinavian welfare state, and the conservative welfare state. There is no country (with maybe the exception of Hong Kong and Singapore and other awesome entities) that is following that kind of liberalism that Adam Smith, Bastiat, and David Ricardo advocated.
    The Socialist welfare state is the Scandinavian model of the same, which has been known also as the cradle to the grave system. The welfare system is here defended with socialist arguments and that class differences should be minimized.
    The Conservative welfare state is built on the assumption that certain constellations (such as the family) deserve the state’s support. Families are given support meanwhile single individuals are not, thus to encourage traditional family roles. This model is very common in Europe (which is not Scandinavia).
    The Liberal welfare state is a mixture with that kind of liberalism that Adam Smith, Bastiat, and David Ricardo advocated and socialism. The American version is difficult to decide what it really is, since some things in it is highly capitalistic, some entities just built on corporatism and special interest groups, and some socialist welfare measures are also there (but historically they have been founded on Christian values, “we are each others brothers-keepers” etc.., i.e. conservative arguments for welfare measures). I would although brand it a liberal welfare state, but so would Iceland and Canada also be, just on different levels. Sweden has, for instance, leaned much more towards a more liberal model more and more after the fall of communism in 1991.
    Most countries are a mixture of everything but you could take this as a guideline:

    USA = liberal welfare state
    Germany = conservative welfare state
    Sweden = socialist/Scandinavian welfare state

  7. tegis says:

    And yea, sorry, Iceland was a socialist/Scandinavian welfare state model until around 1991 you could say. Then they started to change towards the American variant instead. Sadly for them they mixed it up with a strict Nationalistic thinking as well so they legislated a lot of ridiculous laws that prohibited foreigners to own banks etc. This led to all the banks that got privatized got into the hands of former politicians or friends to the politicians currently in power. 🙂

  8. tegis says:

    Lee: I heard some British people said it coming (or so they say) and withdrew their savings from IceSave etc. in 2007 before the financial crisis came into being. Lucky them at least. You absolutely nailed it to the wall about their inconsideret spending. My girlfriend’s family (you know Sara) is not very rich. More like upper lower middle class. And I have never seen so many cars in my entire life for one family. They have one car per person (i.e. 5!!).

  9. Sara says:

    This is not like it is in Iceland!
    Today we are in between both of these pictures, I think. Most people have started to do their best to stop wasting unnecessary amount of money all around….. most people, there are idiots in all countries of course… 🙂

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  11. dummidumbwit says:

    Alas, all the people from France, Denmark and Sweden as well as Iceland I imagine are lining up to come here NOT!! with pseudo Fascist like Newt, Delay and Palin, who can blame them, hopefully the monstrosity that was Reaganomics is finally dead!!!You don’t want it, it’s useless, it would have been apparent except the Clinton years were in the middle of that reactionary interlude. Don’t listen to Bozoid right wingers, that stuff died in the late 19th century.

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