I want to be a pirate too

Everybody loves a pirate, or at least the thought of being a pirate, right? The fierce swordplay, the crazy unimaginable things that lurk beneath cold waves, and the idea of a skull and crossbones as a major fashion statement and way of life.
I know I know, property rights are sacred and pirates kill people, but I guess I just fall for the cliché image made up by 19th century adventure authors and Hollywood set ups.
I know that probably most pirates ate poorly and most of them did not become fabulously wealthy, and died young. But it is still something glamorous about them. 🙂

Currently, piracy has been a growing topic of discussion due to the development in the seas near Africa’s Horn and the shores of Somalia. Some days ago, suspected Somali pirates operating deep in open waters have seized an oil tanker as long as an aircraft carrier. This is the biggest ship ever to be seized by pirates; ever.
However, I am pretty disappointed in the looks of our contemporary pirates a la Somalia. None of them look like Jack Sparrow, Will Turner or Elizabeth Swann. Such a shame. 😦

Take a peak at the metal version of the Latvian contribution to the European Song Contest 2008. The chorus is kinda catchy, and it is much better without the bad English accent and the dicso sound in the back.

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7 Responses to I want to be a pirate too

  1. dummidumbwit says:

    The romanticism is obviously there, but look where the romanticism of Reagan/Goldwater clones got them in Georgia? I rather not attract the attention of 800 pound gorillas?

  2. tegis says:

    Touché, dummidumbwit!

  3. And the leftists cries out at America and the West for not doing anything, but when they take out the pirates the cry for the breach of the pirates humanitarian rights and the national sovreignity of some quasicountry that protects them will be equally high.

  4. dummidumbwit says:

    Newt’s a Pirate, don’t forget it!!!

  5. I want to be a pirate too! Right now I kinda have an obsession with them… got a pirate corner of my room. I even painted a portrait of me as a pirate! I feel your fascination!!!

  6. Kyli says:

    Sdssddadbfn, Kylie Alexis mom dad

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