Burma blogger jailed …

And the punishment for the severe crime of having a blog is 20 years (in Burma). Blogger Nay Phone Latt was sentenced to more than 20 years in jail for his “illegal Internet activities”.

As you can see from this photo, Nay is looking like anyone else in his mid 20s, he’s a devoted soccer Liverpool fan, a university student, and a blogger. Just like you and me. Almost. Nay lives in a country with a very, very strange alphabet … and with one of the harshest authoritarian military left-wing dictatorships in the world. Where he is now? Nobody knows except those who took him away – i.e. the Government. The only blog platform that until recently had still been accessible within Burma, the Google-owned Blogger (http://www.blogger.com), has been censured by the regime since 23 January. Bloggers are no longer able to post entries or disseminate information. Burma is in danger of being cut off from the rest of the world again. The world cared a little for one week last year when the monks tried to make an uprise. But, alas, when it failed and the monks got slaughtered by the regime, the world decided to blindfold itself ones again …

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association firmly condemn the arrest of the blogger.

I hope you note that I refuse to use the name “Myanmar” for the country Burma. Myanmar is a term coined by the military regime and it is a shame that some countries (the Anglo-Saxon ones for instance) decide to use it.

Free Burma!!


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One Response to Burma blogger jailed …

  1. burmerican says:

    Freedom is not free in deed..how many lives have to be lost before Burma is free?

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