Lack of capitalism causes pollution, corruption, and badly delivered services

About half a year ago, I was at a meeting with the Nordic Association in Öland, a thin outstretched island east of Sweden in the Baltic ocean. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun. We got paid to get there and we were able to freely choose our way of transportation the way it suited us best. This island is pretty far away from where I live(ed?) in Sweden. I therefore had two choices; I could either fly there or take the train. The funny part is however, that a flying ticket costed me around 500 SEK (about 65 dollars) LESS than a train ticket plus I got there around 4 hours earlier. We had a debate about that in the car when one of my friends came and picked me up driving me over the bridge that connects the Swedish mainland and Öland. He wondered why this is so. In fact, it is very simply. In Sweden, we have a railroad monopoly. The company taking care of this monopoly is state-owned and is called SJ. The air companies are of a vast amount due to this business has been privatized. This was not the case in the beginning though when the Nordic countries founded SAS, which was state owned. Now SAS is falling behind in competition with low-price air companies and has been forced to cut down in flying destinations and personal. SAS is still there of course, mainly because Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian taxpayers still fatten it with tax funds. But, fact is that the air business is faster, cheaper, and deliver a much smoother service to its customers. But STILL nowbody seems to understand why. Even a small child would be able to understand that if you have ten people offering you candy or you have one person offering you candy there will be a stunning difference in not only supply, but also in choice, price, and quality. But this aspect is unknown in Sweden since this is being neglected to learn about in our public schools.

Yes, it is undoubtly true that everything the State creates and provides cost more and is always less sufficient than those products/services that the people create and provide on a free market. Now, a lot of people, especially students, hesitate taking a more environmental friendly transportation solution because of that the prices are being so unfair. Today, in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet there is an article about how people buy SJ train tickets months ahead and then sell them on the platform under the table for a huge difference. A black market is already there. Why won’t anyone see the irrationality with these kinds of policy-makings? Why can’t we just cut SJ up and divide it into pieces and privitize the whole market? Why? We would be so much better of and the environment would be so much better of. If you are really sincere and honest with fighting for a healthier and greener planet, boy do you have to start thinking like a Capitalist.


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This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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