Icelanders are NOT terrorists

I’m back in Oslo. Apart from being extremely tired (my plane left Keflavik at 7.45 am GMT) I’m also sad for leaving the island. It’s a neat place with nice and friendly people. The country is extraordinary in its shape and the nature one of a kind. Although they have some problems at the moment, people are taking this calmly since most of them are just to that the economy goes up and down most times. It’s life. It’ll get better, is the most common phrase I’ve heard during my short stay there now. However, you can’t basically go anywhere without people talking about “kreppan” (the financial crisis). The most serious problem right now (apart from their own politicians dodging the responsibility for this which is really bad) is that the UK has worsened the situation in the country.

The British government earlier this month used a legislation from 2001- a sc. terrorist law – in order to freeze assets in Icelandic banks. Gordon Brown unveiled this action against the Icelandic authorities to recover depositors’ money, as the tone deteriorated to its lowest level since fishing and coastguard vessels clashed over cod stocks in the north Atlantic in 1976. He also said that this is nothing against the Icelanders, only their leaders.

We’ve heard it before; when Bush and Blair planned on attacking Iraq. And the UK dispute with Iceland just continues to go wild. Geir Haarde, Iceland’s prime minister, squared up to Alistair Darling, the chancellor, saying a transcript of Darling’s conversation with his counterpart in Reykjavik – published in the FT on Friday – showed “that the Icelandic government intended to fulfill its obligations”. Darling, in turn, robustly defended himself saying that Haarde’s interpretation was wrong and that the Icelandic government have no intention of honoring their obligations in England and shouldn’t therefore be trusted. The Icelandic government argues of course that the statement induced panic in the UK, triggering the collapse of their banking system.

However, an investigation with a coroner have been initiated by George Osborne, shadow chancellor, in order to investigate Darling’s “inconsistencies”. That’s positive.

Meanwhile, an Icelandic web page has been formed – “Icelanders are NOT terrorists”, saying that “hour by hour and day by day the actions of the British government are indiscriminately obliterating Icelandic interests all over the world and, in so doing, diminishing the assets that could be used to reimburse depositors with Icelandic banks in the United Kingdom and Iceland”.
Sign the petition on the page and support the Icelandic people against the socialist leader Gordon Brown and his sidekick Darling.

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