A murderer is honered a statue in Rosario, Argentina

A murderer is honered a statue in Rosario, Argentina. The town Rosario is namely the city of birth of the communist revolutionary Che Guevara and is therefore erecting a statue of the killer, 80 years after his birth. This statue won’t give much to the town but I have to admit that it would be hilarious to go there and snap a photo of it together with me in the picture. It is odd that so much romanticism has been flourishing around him ever since he died in the forests of Bolivia; a romanticism which does not correspond together with a closer investigation of how his life really figured.

Che will always be the glamorous socialist Jesus; a savior for a revolutionary and confused white middle-class. A group which will always look for a way out from those gray and boring weekdays that their lives consist of. I think it is funny and it amuses me, not at least due to that he is now a brand, a symbol for capitalist commersialism. To wear a Che Guevara t-shirt is thus to f**k his daughter and to spit on his grave, probably all in the same time. I think it’s great that white kids in Europe and the US are wearing the Che logo. So please all you left-wing hippies who try to look fancy in your t-shirts and your caps, go ahead. F**k Aleida Guevara – buy Che! 🙂


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7 Responses to A murderer is honered a statue in Rosario, Argentina

  1. Nils says:

    I actually own a t-shirt with his face on it… Along with the message “Hasta la victoria siempre!” I didn’t bother to look up what it meant until yesterday, and it was something along the line of “fight until the last battle is won”.. Anyways, I don’t think that I have to mention that I never use it (anymore).
    As to his popularity, I “blame” the U.S. government. Due to his execution, I guess he became somewhat of a martyr to the people.

    (Dude, kolla min LJ! Skapade den precis. Eller, jag har tydligen haft ett konto ett bra tag nu, men tänkte börja använda den nu iaf. Ännu står inte mycket vettigt, men för framtiden!=P)

  2. tegis says:

    hehe visste väl att du hade en sånn :). Fjällräven jacka har du också :).

    Yea everyone who dies a violent death gets famous – just look at Cobain and all those suicide bombers.

    Din LJ? What’s that buddy? =)

  3. tegis says:

    ahaaa..a live journal…vet ja faktiskt inte riktigt så mkt om :).

  4. Nils says:

    Jag har faktiskt ingen fjällrävenjacka, dock en sådan ryggsäck.. Är lite sugen på en sån jacka! Kom på att jag har ett par che-kalsonger också, som jag fick i present av en vän för ett par år sen.. Fina är de!

  5. Che says:


    The wearing of shirts with my face or name on actually remind me of how you were conceived. You mother and I had lots of fun.

    On another note: I really loved your mother! She loves my Che shirt all over her.

    I will free all women like your mom from suffer lack of real sex from what you call you real dad.

    later son


  6. tegis says:

    Haha, how mature, commie. Good luck with that.


  7. F*ck Che says:

    F*ck Che and all the rich sissy white kids who worship him.Che hated free speech,and persecuted people with long hair,gays,religious practicioners.Che threw people in prison for listening to rock & roll.Che lived in the former Governor’s mansion while common people starved.Che wanted to bomb New York City with nukes and hated blacks.You’re not”cool” because you have a t-shirt of his.You only look like an ignorant poser/follower.F*ck Che!!!!!

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