According to the most recent estimates, there are around 100,000 western lowland gorillas left in Africa. But logging, the spread of diseases such as Ebola and the illegal trade in ape meat has seen numbers plummet. Gladly, more than 100,000 gorillas were to be found in Congo yesterday. This is great news of course. I think there are no one who wants these dear animals to be extinct. Additionally, gorilla safari and sightseeing is something that brings a lot of necessary tourism to the poor countries these creatures happen to live in. I think it is important to combat poachers and other who kill animals and drain out developing countries’ resources illegally. But it is almost equally important to remember that the best way to protect nature is to defend democracies and try to stabilize unstable regions. War and evil dictatorships are almost as bad news for gorillas as habitat loss and logging. Private organizations that deals with conservation work are a blessing. Even that left-wing environmentalists might that the situation gets just dire and dire doesn’t mean it is like that. In the 70s there were around 200 gorillas left but thanks to international co-operation, spreading of the market economy system, and a democratization of the world’s dictatorships the mountain gorillas (the most seriously threatened kind of apes) now number around 700.



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3 Responses to Gorillas

  1. anna says:

    hello my name is anna and i’m from germany.i want to ask you about the picture from the gorilla.i want to ask you that i copi that because i need this for my georgaphy lessens.

    p.s.:i’m sorry abotu my bad english

  2. tegis says:

    Das ist OK. Ich verstehe Deutsch. In Schweden wir Lernen Deutsch in der Schule. 🙂 Du kanst das Bild benutzen. Kein problem. Wo wohnst du in Deutschland? Ich war in Dresden für 2 Monate, wenn ich war 12-13 mit meine Schule.

    ps. Entschuldige mich für meine schlechte Deutsche 😉 .ds.

  3. hi says:

    hi i can s[eak german 😛

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