The worst thing about censorship is ***********

I’ve always been against censorship. When I was young I remember I reacted strongly against the Swedish school I attended for censoring the “sex”- scenes in Braveheart only because we had some hardcore religious people in our class. Not that I necessarily WANTED to see Mel Gibson do that girl in some enchanted Gaelic forest but I thought it was wrong that they would wind the tape only to appease the minority.
I actually didn’t think Swedish newspapers would go as low. Maybe I was too naive? In any ways it seems that I was wrong! The free Stockholmian newspaper City is under fire right now due to serious maltreatment of one of its co-workers. Sakine Madon has been a huge fan of mine for long for a number of reasons; she’s a talanted writer, an impudent and cocky liberal and she’s not a bumlicker. There are way too many young people out there in the youth organizations (doesn’t really matter what party they endorse) who are just in it for the carrier and change their opinions in order to suit that purpose. But not Sakine who left the Swedish Liberal People’s Party due to a conflict over Turkish nationalism. Those people (and they are rare) are definitely a cause of rejoicing. However, the editor of City, Mikael Nestius, does not seem to approve. After some complainment to Nestius about an article written by Madon, Nestius wrote an article of his own in reply – crawled to the cross and begged for forgiveness, signed with Sakine Madon’s name, and published it! In that order!

Seriously folks, who needs a state censor when the press bites its own tongue so effectively? The most insidious enemy is the cowardly journalist and/or editor who doesn’t need to be told what to do, because he or she has already internalized the need to please — or at least not to offend — the worst tyranny or dictatorship.
It is safe to say that censorship is one of the worst things that can be done in society, but combating it is such a daunting task because there are those who (still) agree with its policies.

Read the story directly at Sakine’s own blog (N/B in Swedish).


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10 Responses to The worst thing about censorship is ***********

  1. khodaee2 says:

    Hi I am Esfandiar Khodaee from Iran
    I have placed your blog in my blogroll an try to see it every week. thank you

  2. Xeno says: is censoring me from posting new blog entries today. So far they won’t tell me why.

  3. Martin says:

    You wrote : The fantatic Islamic movement must be fought and destroyed.

    You’re a good boy youngster.

    You ‘ll save the world.

    Liberty and freedom for all, no exception.

  4. Josef Boberg says:

    Tja – apropå Sakine – så är det ju så här fungerar i en Demon-KratiDiktatur – som dessutom har en 6000-årad historia (= från tiden för MaktElitens religioners påhitt) med Qvinnoförtryck/Qvinnoförnedring , tyvärr tyvärr… 🙂

  5. tegis says:

    Tack för dina trevliga länkar 🙂

  6. tegis says:

    Martin: Yes, that is right.

    Mr. Khodaee: Hello Sir. I am glad to hear that you added my blog to your blogroll. I’m sorry for the ridiculously lazy upload of contributions during this summer on this blog, but I have been on vacation in Bulgaria and in other places in southern parts of Europe. Now my University is about to start again so I will definitely make sure that there will be more frequent uploading on this page from now on!

    Xeno: Yea, that is awful! Fight the power! =)

  7. Allan says:

    WordPress also hosts an anti Russian website blog by the name of La Russophobe. I believe it is run by some neocon zealot posing as a Russian. Lots of anti Russia vitriole and is heavily censored. My posts are pulled all the time and I am fed up.

    I can’t understand why so called blogs like this (and can get away with this type of censorship. Only opinions that conform with their own are allowed to be posted. Is this what the internet has become, where websites spew hatred and filter out messages that don’t conform to their views? Shame on them.

    I would like to see a website devoted to rating and exposing these so called blogs. Maybe someone out there will have some ideas on the subject.

    Open discourse and disagreement is freedom.

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