One more terrorist down!! Farc is on the run …

Happy news folks! The terrorist leader Marulanda might be dead. A national news magazine had earlier reported the death of Manuel “Sureshot” Marulanda on 26 March, citing the defense minister, Juan Manuel Santos. Santos said reports from guerrillas suggested Mr Marulanda died of a heart attack, although he also told the Semana news magazine that three bombing raids had targeted the rebel chief on the date in question.
If this is so it is a big blow to the Farc if confirmed. For the common Colombian on the street it’s of course a great relief.

In other news. Left-wing people are hypocrites! It comes probably not as a shock for anyone but it is always fun to show evidence of their ignorance.
Israel are murdering Palestinians and are the Devil’s pawn but Tibetans are ‘threatening and overshadowing’ the rest of the world with their protests. Hypocritical? You bet! This is the newest statement of the Swedish communist Jan Myrdal. Oh those nasty, spiteful Tibetans. How dare they ‘threaten to overshadow’ the ceremony. Can’t someone please shut them up and push them back into their corner?


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