A forefather sets up a punk party!

Punk rock is (was?) an anti-establishment rock music genre and movement that emerged in the mid-1970s and then went through a lot of different sorts of divergences and offshoots. It got really popular in Sweden a lot thanks to the band Ebba Grön and especially the living legend Thåström.
Now when the once so hard-core rebels have grown up to be old men the foundation of the punk rock movement is a long gone concept. But some nostalgic people out there fight to keep it alive. One of them is Torkel “Deep Torkel” Knutsson who has been struggling hard to get old bands to reunite for a 2-day punk rock festival in Stockholm (Berns). That’s really cool and great news to me because I love Swedish punk rock, even though I grew up from believing in left-wing anarchism (those were the days).
A fun notion is that most of these bands are totally unknown for the average man on the street. A lot of that is due to the left-wing rhetoric that was a guide line for the punk movement. Many of these bands were singing in English and that was looked down upon back then by the Swedish music listeners and Industry. If you knew English you were a sell-out!! =) The punks were throwing a spanner in their own works. How ironic isn’t that …

http://www.pastan.nu/konsert/punken-vacks-till-liv-och-skriver-om-sin-historia-1.25758 (n.b. in Swed.)


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