These student organizations do NOT represent me!

In a pathetic approach to make a go for youths’ right in Europe, the President of LSU (the main student/youth organization in Sweden), Hanna, writes on her blog (in Swedish) ( how awful it is that the police get more possibilities to fight juvenile criminality. Recently, a new kind of a device has hit the market; it is called the “mosquito”. The Mosquito or the Mosquito alarm is an electronic device which emits high-frequency sounds, similar to the buzz of a mosquito. Because the ability to hear high frequencies deteriorates in humans with age the noise is most commonly audible to younger persons (approx. 13-25). 🙂 I think it is great we get more possibilities to fight of left-wing radicals occupying buildings or young rascals rioting. The device is marketed for use as a safety and security tool for preventing gang loitering which can often lead to graffiti, vandalism, and violence. It is apparently very popular in the UK mostly by shopkeepers and police authorities. It has been a total success and a savior for a lot of private shop entrepreneurs, because it has successfully reduced the number of teenagers steeling in their stores.

Who can be against that? Who can possibly have anything to complain about? I tell you who, “young” pundits like Hanna from LSU apparently and other people who think the year is 1968. They feel sorry for those who do bad and punish those who do good, taking away their protection. This tool can successfully protect a lot of innocent young civilians from other not-so-innocent bastards who are just there to cause trouble.


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5 Responses to These student organizations do NOT represent me!

  1. pastamanvibration says:

    I first thought this mosquito was an imaginative and a very funny joke of yours. It’s no joke, but it’s still funny.

    This mosquito takes me back to my days in Middle School. The hall patrol guys felt empowered to threaten us loiterers with expulsion by giving our names to the Vice Principal if we didn’t get our asses out of the hallways during lunchtime. We called them ‘the gastapo’, and whenever if we got bored during the lunch hour we knew just what to do…give them shit.

    Guess I’m a rebel by nature. I never understood why anybody would volunteer what little free time they had during school to patrol the hallways. (Sadly, this mosquito would eliminate their jobs, leaving them with no purpose in life.) I partly got my answer just after graduating from college when I asked an uptight and staunch conservative friend, “Why are you so quick to kiss butt of the authority and the rich?” My friend was not insulted. He was fast thinking in his reply, “If you want to get a ahead in life, CONFORM!” Nobody had told him you can break the rules if you’re an artist, athlete, entrepeneur, or investor. And you get more respect from both authority and the rich if you’re not such a brown noser.

    Oh, speaking of that tumultuous year of 1968, the hippies used to say, “Don’t trust anybody over 30.” This mosquito puts a whole new meaning to that.

    You’re still young enough to hear the mosquito, right? Do you think you’d change your mind about it if someone hid a few of them all over your apartment. You think you got sleeping problems now!

  2. tegis says:

    “Sadly, this mosquito would eliminate their jobs, leaving them with no purpose in life”. lol. Can’t we see this as one of those things that promote efficiency on the market, i.e. the people once employed with growing tomatoes in Iceland with the help of extensive governmental support now do something they would be better at and that would be more efficient/the people wandering the hallways looking for young hooligans like yourself can now instead do something that would render more effective.

    I think your conservative friend is a bum licker. I’m not voting with my wallet, and even though I am probably in the future forced to lick some asses and kick on those below me in society’s ladder, I don’t believe that man is born for the art of ass kissing. Your conservative friend should instead have said that; “it is not about favoring the filthy rich or kicking on the poor, it is about giving the poor the right of going from poor to filthy rich and giving people the right to govern their own life”. I hate people who are being born with a silver spoon in their mouths and choose not to develop on their own but instead rely on their mom and dad.
    I, together with you, respect those who break the rules and go their own way. That’s good. 🙂

    Ya, I would be able to hear the mosquito I guess. 🙂 But again, the invention is not for torturing innocent people, but to protect them from those who want to harm them. 🙂
    I couldn’t sleep better … 😉

  3. Nils says:

    Oj oj. Är det lugnt om man skriver på svenska? Anyways. Jag har svårt att se Myggan som något annat än ett ganska bisarrt sätta att kollektivt bestraffa grupper för individers enskilda handlingar. Jag har svårt att se hur det är försvarbart ur synvinklar andra än totalkonformitära (det är roligt att hitta på ord!) eller rent av diktaturiska hållningar. Jovisst kan det väl hjälpa att motverka ungdomsbrottslighet, men till vilket pris? Det känns som lite samma retorik som den som används av FRA.

    I övrigt bara en snabb kommentar ang “I, together with you, respect those who break the rules and go their own way. That’s good.” Är det? Mina tankar går lite i banorna att visst är det inte bra att helt rätta sig efter ledet, men att bryta regler bara för brytandes skull är väl knappast något som bör respekteras eller beundras?

    Lite tankar från mig bara!
    /Nils (ex-korridoraren…)

  4. tegis says:

    Klart de e lugnt hombre. Fan va roligt att du tittade in! 🙂 Well, du har ju delvis rätt. Naturligtvis, om man använde myggan restriktionslöst så vore det naturligtvis hemskt och dåligt, men nu är det ju så att den används och är tänkt att användas till att försvara oskyldiga civila (bland annat ungdomar) och affärsidkare från folk som vill oss alla illa.
    Detta går inte att jämföra med FRA, det är som att jämföra pepparsprey med atombomber.

    Jag förstår hur du tänker men jag tycker att det är beundransvärt med folk som vägrar att vara rövslickare, folk som inte röstar med den egna plånboken och folk som vågar stå upp och säga “bä” när flocken säger “mu”.

    Lite tankar tillbaka från mig 😉

  5. Tsquare says:

    Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

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