China censored Nobel speech in Sweden

When the chairman of the Nobel foundation Marcus Storch held his opening speech at the Nobel prize ceremony in December last year, his remarks about the liberty of the press and the freedom of speech was censored on Chinese television. This is of course an outrage! I have a lot of times stated that I rather watch the non-state owned TV 4 channel instead of 1 and 2, but right now I don’t know WHAT to watch???

When the Nobel Foundation learned about this the foundation cancelled the contract with the Swedish television channel TV4, which has had the sole right to broadcast the Nobel prize ceremony and to distribute it to tv-companies all over the world.

– Censorship is against our values. We can not accept that, says Michael Sohlman, Executive Director of the Nobel foundation. He’s damn right. I hope the President for TV 4 will soon suffer from ED and all the VDs from A to Z.

Remember, the worst part about censorship is …………………………………………………. ………


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2 Responses to China censored Nobel speech in Sweden

  1. What Censorship says:

    The Chinese TV channel CCTV sent over 5 hours from the Nobel festivities. There were hundreds of other channels globally that also sent parts of the Nobel festivities. Non of these sent the speach. Are they all guilty of censorship?…

  2. tegis says:

    No, they are guilty of choosing differently due to consumer demand. The difference is that TV 4 was asked to not send this speech about human rights etc. in China. They were supposed to send it but changed their mind after pressure from a government. A communist government even.
    Brings you back, doesn’t it. The Ol’ good days in Eastern Germany..Gestapo and all that. 🙂 Those were the days …

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