Christian extremism

I have been writing a little bit too much only about Islamic fanatics and religious coconuts, but now it’s time for Christianity to get its share. There are always funny things happening in this religion as well. For instance now in the grand country in the west sex claims hit a US polygamy sect (the Mormons)! When we think about the States most of us think about huge skyscrapers and people in suits rushing down the Wallstreet with a filled portfolio and their hair sticky of hair gel. But most of the US are actually most hillbillies and farmers – or at least in the very remote places. And there are a lot of them. And here religious extremism is breeding. Everybody has probably heard of the Mormons, but as a matter of fact they are NOT polygamists. They got rid of that around a century ago and this also led to a split when a small group of religious extremists formed their own religion – from the Mormon faith. The group is called the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). The sect dominates the towns of Colorado City, in Arizona, and Hildale, in Utah, less than a mile away. Members believe a man must marry at least three wives in order to ascend to heaven.

God, why didn’t I become a Mormon? 😀 No, but seriously though – what is the difference between this kind of religious extremism and the Islamic one? Innocent gullible people are being punished for what a charismatic leader that only wants power, in this case the leader is called Warren Jeffs, does. The authorities believe as many as 1,000 teenage boys have been forcibly separated from their families, faith and community – principally so elder members of the sect would have less competition for wives (it is obviously customary for the old chaps to choose teenage girls as new brides). How adorable. Well, I’m all in favor of religious freedom but as I said in the last contribution – values of freedom and democracy etc. are universal, and can never be taken away from you or another person with the excuse of culture or religion.


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4 Responses to Christian extremism

  1. Miguel says:

    This movement has nothing to do with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church). In the Mormon Church if you practice plural marriage you are excommunicated.

  2. Nanne says:

    Well that is not entirely true now is it? The movement springs from the Mormons, who practiced it before but changed their ways because of they wanted to be accepted by the rest of the US.

  3. pastamanvibration says:

    Got to hand to those Mormons, only one wife and they still manage to have ten children.

    Yup, America’s got more than its fair share of religious zealots. But don’t forget they came to America because they were persecuted in Europe.

    I’m most fascinated by the Amish. They have their own version of the prodigal son story. In the their late teens, a tightwad father kicks them out. They are felt to fend for themselves with a few coins in their pockets. The streets are not a pleasant place for anybody, so must return after sowing some wild seeds. I guess the Amish forefathers had the foresight to not send them off to college where they might get hoodwinked into believing cultural relativism….which reminds me. Culural relativism started after some cultural anthropologists got pissed off when they listened to some exotic ex-headhunters and ex-cannibals living in a village of straw huts in the jungle tell them about how Jesus via his missionaries changed their lives. It had always been a fantasy of these cultural anthropologists to someday tell their grandkids of their very own Indian Jones like story of how they escaped the fate of becoming shrunken heads.

  4. tegis says:

    haha probably, or just how they “saved” these “poor” headhunters and cannibals from civilization and the pace of time. 🙂

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