Cultural Imperialism

Cultural Imperialism – just the word cause hatred and anger in the left-wing camp. Why is that? I would probably call myself a cultural imperialist. If it means that we spread the values of individual freedom and democracy to places in the world where these values are being questioned I’m all in favor. How can someone be against that and why is the term used in a prejudicial way?

God, I hate anthropologist undergraduates … Idiots and moronic crybabies all along …They come here to Iceland from the States with this glazed over, does-not-compute, lemming look in their eyes suspecting people to be non-materialistic exotic and, especially, different from themselves. Anthropologists are almost always cultural relativists, it’s like it is their religion of some sort. I remember my own anger when the feminist (!!) left-wing cultural relativists at my university told the girls not to dress so “sexy” as we do in Sweden and cover themselves up when we were going on our apprenticeship period in Tanzania. My hatred towards these hippies can never drop off …

Cultural relativism definitely is a problem, and a tough one to solve. I think the biggest reason for this widespread cultural relativism is the fact that people have a reason to oppose imperialism, that sure is a huge problem in the world and has resulted an unimaginable number of deaths throughout the history – and therefore this term “imperialism” has gained a negative undertone.
Sure, a lot of things shouldn’t be forced upon other societies, for example religion, but if we agree that human rights should be universal, then we don’t have to feel like they are being forced upon any society. It is so shocking to hear people even justify female circumcision because they are cultural relativists. OK, maybe it’s in the “culture” of Somalia and other African countries, but culture simply is a very bad excuse for violation of human rights. Like I always say when I hear it: “Why should I wish something for women in Somalia or Iran that I would never ever wish for myself or my mother or anyone I know?” The answer is simple: Nobody should!

This is ONE world, and there are only ONE type of individual rights and freedoms. This means that we are able to criticize the Chinese Government when they imprison political freedom fighters and dissociate ourselves from the values of Islamic fundamentalism.


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This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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2 Responses to Cultural Imperialism

  1. Roland Dodds says:

    The thing about most cultural relativists is that they aren’t relativists at all. They actually think that conservative indigenous cultures are superior to our liberal and free western one.

    Anyone who believes in rights and democracy believes it is a superior form of government to all others, and is unwilling to back away from the position. These “relativists” are nothing but soft totalitarians.

  2. tegis says:

    Well, wasn’t that a twister. I would agree with you if I hadn’t met so many left-wingers that criticize so many things in our societies but fear to criticize the same issues if they show up in a different society, a society that they might find exotic and different.
    But yea, you’re def. right on one point and that is that there are a lot of hippies out there who dream about going to Bali or Jamaica and become a drum maker and smoke pot every day.

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