The Flame of Shame

One hot topic that is debated more than anything at the moment is the Beijing Olympics 2008. I am very split in this question. On one hand I sincerely hate the communist regime and everything that is affiliated with it, and I support the freedom for Tibet.
But (!) why should athletes pay the price for what our politicians have failed with, i.e. ending the communistic dictatorship in China? Isn’t it better just to go there with a “free Tibet” t-shirt or a placard making yourself heard? Another thing that would be possible without throwing a spanner in the works for the honest athletes who just want to compete and practice their sport would be to boycott the opening of the Beijing Olympics but then participate in the games. The opening is PURE propaganda and is nothing we in the civilized world should take part of and support!

What do you guys think of this solution?


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This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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5 Responses to The Flame of Shame

  1. Charlie says:

    This blog sucks. Is U a rightwing nut?

  2. tegis says:

    Yes, I am right wing. Are you perhaps a hippie or a fascist? 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words …

  3. Generally speaking…Hippies in California are cool. The are free thinkers who distrust big government. They don’t impose their religious or anti-religious views on others. They do, however, feel strongly about protecting the environment. Contrary to the stereotype, most are not lazy, worthless potheads. They are often creative, tech savvy, and have an entrepreneurial drive. The casualness of attitude and attire in the Silicon Valley owes something to the California hippy culture.

    Had these hippies controlled the White House in the last 7 years, America would not be at war in Iraq, alternative energy would have become a national priority, the U.S. military budget would have been reduced dramatically with a far less overreaching presence abroad, and they’d be more tolerant of those with different opinions.

  4. tegis says:

    Wow, the more we know, I guess. 🙂 Shortly I can say that I like the liberal left far better than the authoritarian left. I hail from the liberal right (libertarian/anarcho capitalist) so I guess we have much in common on social issues, although when it comes to economic ones we differ.

  5. pastamanvibration says:

    Liberal far left? I feel like I’m being pigeonholed. I am both a “hippie” and a capitalist, which are not incompatible. The commonality of all hippies is a free spirit, liberty being the paramount value. If you think it through, liberty in economics means you must have a free market system. I am all in favor of market forces.

    While it’s true hippies generally distrust big business, this may by for different reasons than you presuppose. Let me explain: Abraham Lincoln said, “Government for, by, and of the people.” Today, MNCs (multinational corporations) arguably have more government representation than the people in America. On the hippie agenda is the return of political power to the people by eliminating the substantial influence of corporate lobbyist. This, however, may not be a realistic proposal. As a recourse, hippies peacefully rebel by not getting suckered into the “keeping up with the Jones” consumerism (often financed with deep debt) for products we don’t really want.

    I guess people feel uncomfortable around “hippies” because we don’t listen to Madison Avenue (the advertising world) dictate on what to buy to fit in.

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