Bensínlaus = Out of fuel

I have been in Iceland quite a while now. Recently though things have started to change. Iceland has been struck pretty hard due to the problems in the economy lately and this affects pretty much everything – things are getting more expensive, but most of it is things that could be dealt with easily. Take the fuel for instance.

It is now up to 15 kronors or something. 8 of this is pure government taxation! This is outrageous! It is about time that the truck drivers and the taxi drivers here in Iceland do something about the problem. I blame the politicians and the tree huggers and hippies! The politicians for wanting to steal honest citizens’ income and the hippies for wanting us to tear down our modern civilization and to start living in caves.

High tax on fuel is bad in many aspects. It is really bad towards businesses for obvious reasons – higher transportation costs means less profit and less profit means less money into the system and an increasing risk of people loosing their jobs. High tax on fuel also struck the hardest on families in Iceland, who tend to use their cars the most and are the most dependent on them. The tax situation also hinder new kinds of research to pass through about new technologies and improvements of the transportation systems we already have. If we really want to save the environment we should put our effort increasing support to our researchers and support alternative energy resources (a field where Iceland is already top notch).

It is time to put down the foot for real this time and say NO! Refuse to be bensínlaus!


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4 Responses to Bensínlaus = Out of fuel

  1. LEE says:

    I understand blaming the government, but how is it the fault of environmentalists? I am certainly someone who cares about the environment, but don’t you label me a tree hugger, Carl. I don’t think that environmentalists are exactly using more fuel or calling for greater taxation on fuel. What I want in regards to fuel is for the government not to give oil companies any subsidies.
    Also, I read in the Iceland Review that truckers have blocked roads in Reykjavik twice in the past week in protest of the increasing gas prices. Hopefully that will begin to send a message to those in the Althingi that something needs to be done about the fuel prices.

  2. tegis says:

    Definitely so. I’m not labeling you that, you are too intelligent for that, but there have been people protesting against the protesters as well (not that many though). And they say that people must stop using cars etc. I mean OK, maybe rich people with 4 cars can try to reconsider their consumer behavior, but let’s face it – cars are a necessity for most people’s lives here and if the fuel prices are sky rocketing then it will struck the hardest on those low-income families.
    I am well aware of the environmental problem we are facing, but governmental interference is the thing we need least. Try to push for sc. “green capitalism” instead. Corporations that invest in green technology and recycle etc. could for instance get tax cuts. There are plenty of other ways to go.

  3. LEE says:

    Very well said, I completely agree with the notion of green capitalism with incentives for those who participate. However, such a practice would certainly need close oversight to ensure that all are truly doing as they say they are.
    In Iceland one truly does need a car, in most places of the country anyway, which is similar to many of us in the States. Hopefully the geniuses start thinking of some sort of solution to this. Otherwise countries are going to start spending ridiculous percentages of their GDP toward oil resources.

  4. tegis says:

    Hm, I like the idea of handing out carrots to the donkey to make the donkey move but I don’t like the thought of using the whip. “A close oversight” would probably be spelled “governmental supervision” in your vocabulary and would easily turn in to something supranational in the end. How would this system work? It sounds like we have a lot of bureaucracy ahead of us.
    I think that a combination of the threat of global warming + the fact that it is mostly terrorist countries that are in charge of this world’s oil resources will inevitably create a willingness to start to look for alternative energy solutions. The change is already on its way, I think. You guys just need to make sure that the oil companies won’t bribe your Government officials. I know what you are thinking – the oil companies are the bad guys and multinational companies are the Devil’s pawn, but I think that they act just quite natural. They do anything for profit and that is just reasonable. The fact that the officials are there to bribe is the real sad story. Most people today are aware and want to have alternative resources for fueling their cars and heating up their houses etc. The customer knows by now that oil and gasoline are far too unreliable resources to count on. I think we will see a change coming if only “the geniuses” will come up with a reasonable solution – which the electric car was not.

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