Brigitte Gabriel


As an Arab, and victim of radical Islam during the Lebanese Civil War, I refuse to stand by and let the same thing happen to my adopted country, the United States. Even after 9/11, there are those who say that we must “engage” our terrorist enemies, that must “address their grievances”. Their grievance is our freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Their grievance is our democratic process. Islamic religious authorities and terrorist leaders repeatedly state that they will destroy the United States and Western civilization. Unless we take them at their word, and defend ourselves, they will succeed …

//Brigitte Gabriel

Is it just me who say we ought to listen to this woman? She’d know …

Of course we should be very careful with taken her words too much for granted. There are so much hate between the different cultural groups down in the Middle East and it is important to bare in mind that she was raised with this. Even though, I find it appropriate to learn from Gabriel’s stories and memories.


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