No big win after Super Duper Tuesday

Seems this expensive game will never end. For the Republicans though things are quite clear. When Rudy left the scene he also gave his support to John McCain, and afterwards McCain got governor Arnold’s vote there are few things in his way for victory. After his win in California and other important states like New Jersey it seems that his position as the nr. 1 candidate for the Republicans is unthreatened. But for the Dems the Circus of Politics goes on. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama landed a knock-out blow, forcing the Democratic presidential candidates to prepare for new rounds in the post-Feb. 5 states. Before, the race between the black man and the white woman (I stress this because it seems to be an important issue for the Dems and other left-wingers) seemed more or less finished. But Obama is still going strong! For instance, in Missouri, Clinton was thought to have pulled out a win until Obama managed to scrape out an apparent victory. She’s still the favorite for the nomination but it’s still an open question.

The reported cost of campaigning for President has increased significantly in recent years. It’s all good when they take THEIR OWN money to spend on this spectacle, but sadly though, there’s something called the public financing system. It’s expensive running a Presidential campaign. That’s fact! And with the increase in cost, the public financing system funded by the presidential election campaign fund checkoff has been skyrocketing in importance. I support McCain (after Rudy Giuliani said goodbye), but this guy has ALSO used the public financing system,  thus stealing money from the people. I’m not even surprised that a Dem like John Edwards used this, but a Republican should know better. Another worrying issue is the influence of religion on American politics and elections in recent years. It worries me and it should worry the American people. Religion has nothing to do in the corridors of Politics. Leave that to the priests or better up the fairytale tellers.


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5 Responses to No big win after Super Duper Tuesday

  1. LEE says:

    Yes, indeed, I just want this damn thing to be over with. McCain is clearly the republican nominee, but someone should make the democrats get together next week and decide this damn thing. Way too much money and time has been invested in this ridiculous campaign. However, Calle, there is good news on the American political front! Ralph Nader, your friend and mine, has established a “Presidential Exploratory Committee”. Basically, that means that he will be running, but this is a way to do some preliminary fundraising. Trust me, Ralph Nader would get the money and corruption out of American politics, and deal with the Republicans and Democrats equally! I am excited about that prospect, and perhaps he will be included in the general election debates this time around. NADER 08!

  2. Jill says:

    uhhu yea he will make pigs fly as well 🙂
    If he runs there will be just another Republican sitting in the White House in 2009.

  3. Bill says:

    …or a socialist minded Democrat.

  4. tegis says:

    Not likely. Nader is not stealing any nuclear voters from the Republican Party. Only from the Dems …

  5. tegis says:

    Although I have to admit that I would like to see someone else on the throne than a Rep or a Dem …

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