Starve out the rats in Gaza

Israel made a terrible mistake today listening to the world opinion regarding raising the blockade of Gaza. The blockade, which has been going on now for some weeks, is a result of Gaza-Palestinian long-ranging missile attacks on Jewish civilians. Sadly now though, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert lifted the chokehold on Gaza. Will this result in that the Palestinians will feel grateful and happy again with their Jewish neighbors? Of course not; they will continue to send out their young ones, supporting terror organizations, and killing innocent civilians. Daily rocket fire into Israel is nothing special for the Israelis and it doesn’t seem that the Arabs will change.
Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and since then the situation has aggravated. The palestians have shown themselves uncapable of forming a democratic government and protecting and respecting basic human rights.

I hope the Israelis know what they are doing. If the rockets come raining down again, they should put up the same blockade even harder. Hopefully, Hamas and the other terrorist Arabs got the message.


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6 Responses to Starve out the rats in Gaza

  1. Giulia Guidi says:

    Once again you are totally right.

  2. LEE says:

    …(sigh)…Let’s please not stereotype and assume that the whole of a people are just as bad as the worst elements. The photo of the baby with the AK are unnecessary. We can always find photos or quotes to show the worst of actions, but it does not make them common occurrences. Obviously Hamas and any others who shoot rockets into Israel must be dealt with and brought to justice. However, the situation between the Palestinians, specifically those in Gaza, and Israelis is complex and requires concessions and understanding on both sides.

  3. Giulia Guidi says:

    “The photo of the baby with the AK are unnecessary”

    Maybe it is meant as an illustration of the fact that, no matter what Israel is willing to concede, the Palestinians “will continue to send out their young ones, supporting terror organizations, and killing innocent civilians”.

  4. Rubiconski says:

    The world would care, if it really knew what was going on over there.

    The problem is clear: Israeli imperialist expansion must be stopped. It’s giving the militants in Palestine the support they need to be relevant. The Palestinian people see no other way to end what is clearly a war than to support their military leaders. To these people, it makes no sense for them to restrain these militants when their lives have been reduced to that of a prison camp.

    The solution is clear: Political forces within Israel must deal with their out of control government. Political forces within Palestine must do the same, but Israel must act first for the political opposition within Palestine to have legitimacy.

    And no the world shouldn’t forget that the Israeli military establishment is committing war crimes when it does this, when it punishes an entire civilian population for the crimes of a few terrorists.

  5. So? says:

    Yep. The only thing holding down the Palestinians and the whole Arab world is the imperialist racist colonial state of Israel. If not for Israel, Gaza would be another Hong Kong, the whole of Middle East would bloom and become the world leader in economic development and scientific progress, the first man on Mars would be an Arab, they would dominate all sports and monkeys would fly out of my butt.

  6. tegis says:

    Thank you Giulia. 🙂

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