Swedish health care lacks behind

Sweden’s entire population has equal access to health care services. Well, not if you count the illegal immigrants (who we treat equal to our rats). But, well yea, in theory. The Swedish health care system is government-funded but although heavily centralized. It is regarded as one of the world’s top standard on health care and the life expectancy of Swedes are very high. In 2005 the life expectancy was 78 years for men and 82.8 years for women. When talking about this, one has to keep in mind the way of life we have here. We live, in general, very healthy here in the Nordic countries. That is something, of course, I am very proud of. We eat healthy (sc. husmanscost, roughly plain food/homely fare) and we like to be out walking in the wilderness (sc. friluftsliv, i.e. outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing and cross-country skiing). We have also falling mortality risks for both heart attacks and strokes because we relatively few people who smoke (they use snus (snuff) instead). This is not all good news because it also means that Sweden has proportionally Europe’s largest elder population, which will constitute grand problems for us in the future.

Michael Moore and other Democrats and American left-wing people always point at Scandinavia in some sort of crazy panegyric. They should all remember how we live and take that into consideration. There are of course culture differences to be aware of when talking about life expectancy etc., and one cannot only praise our health care system for that. Today, Aftonbladet (an evening news-paper in Sweden) also writes about the deteriorating results for Swedish health care that’s been going on recently. According to the news, we have fallen behind recently and we are now only 6th best in the world on health care (France is on the top and USA is somewhere at the bottom). Why this is so we do not know, but the standard of Swedish hospitals IS getting worse and it is a fact that our huge hospital lines (of which this test didn’t measure) creates huge problems for a lot of people here. What they are measuring though is the number of deaths that could be avoided inside the hospital. It is all a little bit blurry and once again I think we should all remember the different lifestyles we have in many countries. If the person has a good basic condition from the start he/she has much bigger chances to survive than a person with health problems. The French diet is probably one of the best in the world (the Mediterranean diet) and also the Scandinavian “husmanskost”. We don’t eat much meat (with an exception of Iceland) and have a better way of life in general. I think this is the solution rather than spending more and more money into a black hole of government-funded health care services.
One problem we will face in Sweden in the future will of course be that this huge bunch of seniors will demand exactly the same service as their parents got and THEY had to work for in order to pay. Therefore we will have a situation where the majority wants to be served by the minority. And all that in one of the most expensive and well-developed welfare states. The situation will of course be uncontrollable in a few years. But I’m sure Michael Moore took all of these facts into consideration when he made his movie “Sicko”. Or maybe he didn’t …


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  1. laura says:

    you are so stupid you dont know what you are talking about!!!!

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