Why Ron Paul shouldn’t be President

Ouch. I post a little bit too much on the USA these days. I hate to go on with it, but the big neighbor in the west is more topical right now than anything else. We have to put in mind that the next fellow who is taking office in the White House after Bush, more or less will determine this world’s near future.

Some have asked me why I am not more enthusiastic about Ron Paul´s anti-big government message. This is why. Yesterday this ad was aired on CNN.

He’s against the freedom of movement for people with other skin color or cultural belongings than himself and he is opposing women to have the freedom to choose over their own body! This man stands more for deprivation of liberty rather then its tenor.


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This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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5 Responses to Why Ron Paul shouldn’t be President

  1. newcentrist says:

    I just discovered your blog. Followed a link in BUT I AM A LIBERAL!’s blogroll.

    You may be interested in reading:

    Ron Paul and the Paulistas: Populism and the Paranoid Style in American Politics


    The New Centrist

  2. Bill says:

    An enjoyable link but that may be due to the name Lyndon La Rouche. Ah, the familiar name on ballots like Gus Hall for the communist party. What fond memories of me telling my mother I was voting for La Rouche only to have her scold me about it. Her sense of humour has improved in her later years. The beauty of America, any crack pot can run for President.

  3. Roger Hermann says:

    So you think that we should not have a boarder at all? If that is so then why do you argue at all. No need for a president or a country. On the abortion issue Paul is personally opposed to it, but he does not feel that the feds have anything to say about it and considers it a states rights issue. If a state decides that it is fine than Paul will respect that but not agree with it personally. I always find it amusing that people think that abortion is a right. Is being a pedophile also a right in your view? Is it ok to kill puppies as they are born? blah blah blah.

  4. tegis says:

    Hi Roger, thanks for contributing to my page. Really appreciated it!
    I wrote this post for quite a long time ago I must say to my “defense”. I knew very little about Dr. Ron Paul when I wrote this, now I know more and I heard him speak and I must say I’m sold.
    However, there are certain points were we still clash, Ron and I. I am still skeptic towards a regressive immigration policy due to that I believe in classical liberalism and that includes free movement, which is a basic necessity for capitalism. However, I understand how Ron thinks regarding this issue (free immigration is a goal to head for but until we haven’t get rid of the welfare state we have to keep our house in order) and I can relate to that and somewhat sympathize with that. Although I could rather use globalization and immigration as a sledge-hammer to smash the welfare state.
    Regarding the abortion question I must say that it is a tricky one. Ron is against it personally but he wouldn’t make it illegal since as you say it has nothing to do with the government. Why do you find it amusing? It is simple. Liberalism, that I and Ron believe in, is built on the assumption that life is sacred and no one has the right to decide over your own body. You own your body and no government and no church has the right to tell you what to do with your body. Now, it is up to each libertarian him/herself to make up his/her mind whether the right of the mother or the life of unborn fetus is more important. It is a tricky question. You can’t have both. I argue that abortion is a right because it is a service among others (cab, hotel, etc.) and since there is a demand for it the distribution of the supply/ the satisfaction of the demand, can never be called illegal, it is always a right. Second, I believe that legislation can never deal with unborn people but should deal only with inhabitants in our society. All other notions would just be plain silly, and yes, it would amuse me as well probably if you would think differently. With that said, I see the holy ownership right of your own body that each and all of us possess and that the girl/woman also possess and that the fetus has no right in a legal sense until its born and a member of our society. What has killing animals and having sexual intercourse with children to do with it all? Are you one of those crazy loony people who wants to throw gory examples in their opponents face just because they believe in that the girl/woman has the right to decide over her own body?
    You’re ridiculous if that’s the case.

  5. anon says:

    You don’t understand the problem. This isn’t a migration of well-mannered hard-working refugees eager to start a new life. It’s an economic invasion. More often than not, pregnent Mexican nationals will sneak over the border and go to an American emergengy room to give birth. They cannot be turned away and their babies become American citizens by birthright.

    Then these new mothers go out and immediatly apply for food stamps and government housing. Sometimes they will move into a suburban neighborhood and sleep 5-10 to a room and trash the property and the value of the neighborhood. The police and school systems get overwhelmed. There is no loyalty to their new benefactor. They proudly still fly the Mexican flag and do not bother to learn english. Then they lobby to have Spanish taught in the shcools.

    It’s an economic and cultural burden which is killing souther California especially. School systems and hospitals are shutting down there and/or moving. Now emergency rooms are shutting down too under the strain.

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