The cheerless future of South Africa

South Africa – the land of apartheid. We who grew up in the 80s and 90s often have that first thought of this country. During that time, apartheid became increasingly controversial, leading to more and more widespread sanctions and divestment abroad. It finally led to its dissolution in 1994 when the first multi-racial elections were held (which the ANC (with Nelson Mandela as a front figure) won by an overwhelming majority). But what happened after that?

Well, the ANC movement has been in power ever since. Despite the end of apartheid, millions of South Africans, mostly black, continue to live in poverty. This may be of course due to the legacy of the apartheid system, but I think we cannot blame that forever and ever. We have to open our eyes and see how the country is being ruled nowadays and DARE to critize black-ruled South Africa, even though it might be hard for people to do so in the beginning.

It is a FACT that the current government has been a total failure when it comes to tackle social issues. They haven’t been able to ensure both redistribution of wealth and economic growth, because of that their focal point has ALWAYS been on the first one and a nation that is only interested in redistributing resources that they already have and are not as interested in gaining new; will ultimately see themselves direct the country over the slope of bankruptcy. In the ten years since the ANC government took power, South Africa’s United Nations Human Development Index has fallen dramatically, while it was steadily rising until the mid-1990s. This is just a fact! But still, the white world do not dare to critize (due to historical reasons). I think that is a shame. Sure thing, apartheid is/was a cruel and anti-human racist system where people are/were oppressed only because of the color of their skin or their cultural heritage. I give you both present and past tense because this system is still in use for instance in Sudan where the Arabs are the so-called “master-race” and the blacks are being looked down on as cockroaches.

Now this guy wants to take over the ANC. Just look at that picture and tell me it is going to be a better development in South Africa the years to come if that guy (Jacob Zuma) is going to govern the country! You’re a liar if you do! =) Just look at the hammer and sickle sign behind him. He is an outspoken fan of Stalin and his favorite revolutionary song is, according to himself, “Me and my machine-gun”! 🙂 Anyone has a recorded version of this song?
It gets even worse. This guy is completely mad. 🙂 He’s been accused of (and sentenced for that) raping a girl plus he has been telling the media that he once had sexual intercourse with a girl who he knew had HIV. He also told them that after he had sex with her, he took a warm shower and scrubbed his body really hard and – swish! the HIV was gone! 🙂
The saddest thing of all is that the women’s union of ANC supports Zuma. That is to me TOTALLY insane and I just fail to understand why!

The whites are now leaving South Africa .. soon, the most developed country in Africa won’t be so developed any more. I just hope they manage to change this development to the better until the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup.


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11 Responses to The cheerless future of South Africa

  1. So? says:

    Perhaps, on average, they are just not smart enough to create/sustain a modern society?

  2. tegis says:

    Is it because they are savages?
    Were the country better off during the apartheid regime?

    Tough questions tho …

  3. tegis says:

    “East Asians get longer lives and bigger brains.”

    I think this article of yours over-emphasizes the impact of genetic influence. Such things as a good nourishing diet plus social circumstances are also important features when we count on how healthy a population is and estimate for instance expected length of life. Iceland especially, but also the rest of the Nordic countries with an exception of Denmark and Greenland, have held world record in length of life expectations a long time now. The one-sided diet that the Asians have had at least before has led to a very low average height and bad health.
    Most of the things that, maybe originally, once determined length of life, sizes of genitals and brains etc., are now more or less redundant thanks to globalization and inter-marriages.


  4. So? says:

    It’s true that without proper nutrition, brain development may be stunted. It is also true that intermarriage and, perhaps, genetic engineering in the future, will make racial differences moot. But we have to deal with the current reality.

    When humans left Africa, evolution did not stop and there was virtually no inter-mixing between the isolated populations. So given the local environmental pressures, these disparate groups of people evolved to adapt to their local environment from whatever genetic baseline they started with. That’s how we got Europeans and Asians for instance. To expect them to be “basically the same, with the exception of outward appearance” is akin to the belief in the “New Soviet Man”. Unfortunately this irrational faith affects the whole political spectrum, not just the left.

  5. tegis says:

    That, is true however. But what do you suggest? That different races within mankind possess different “natural” skills and intelligences? Are we, by nature, doomed to have a less good sex-life if we are Asians, be dumber if we are black, and less socially competent if we are Nordic? Are all these old generalizations true you say?

    Interesting thought tho …


  6. So? says:

    We are all prisoners of our genetics, no doubt about it. At least until scientific and technological progress make it otherwise. Everyone should have the opportunity to make the best of what they have. No more, no less. There should be no such thing as affirmative action. After all, there is no affirmative action program to get more Asians into the NBA. You either make it, or you don’t, but try your best.

  7. tegis says:

    Modern science about genetics and other things like hereditary characters and stuff always start out from two opposite camps; either you are pro the gene-explanation or you are pro the social-surroundings-explanation.
    I believe it is a mixture of both. I hate fat people who come up with the excuse that they were born with bad genes or alcoholics who say it’s a sickness (they were born with bad genes). That is just crap and used as a way of excuse to be able to not take personal responsibility over your own life.
    I don’t believe that much in genetics. I think it may account for some of our more basic characteristics (like, being small and having tiny genitals) but I don’t think it determines our intelligence. There has been scientific research that indicates that a person is capable of increasing his/her IQ (and quite a lot actually). That is to say; these things are socially adjustable. But of course we get different bases to start out from, but I believe that they are individual (more or less) when it comes to “races”.


  8. So? says:

    I think you are falling into the PC trap of believing that genetics determine appearance only, precisely because it’s so tangible and obvious, while the mind is not. Unfortunately, the more we know about genetics and neuroscience, the more clear it becomes that we are largely done at birth. Some things can be tweaked by the environment for sure, but it gets exponentially harder every year.

  9. tegis says:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

    PC as well? I want to underline “created”. It doesn’t mean that in a Soviet-way of life, we have to have the same outcome of our each individual life. We shouldn’t moralize over that, but I do not think that we are created (if that now is the case) in a way that blacks are less likely to succeed only due to their skin color.
    That is not PC – it is individualism.

  10. tegis says:

    The opposite would be collectivism – the root of all evil. 🙂

  11. Boet, you are spot on. I’m a South African. A white one at that..

    The whole system is falling over on the tip of Arfica!

    It’s sad – SA is all i’ve ever known, but with the crime as high (and it really IS high) as it is, there’s just one more factor to push my family and I away.

    Honestly, if I didn’t have the job I do, in the company I am in, i’d have packed my bags away a couple weeks ago when I was robbed at home, WHILE i was sleeping. Nothing’s sacred in SA anymore, well, unless you DARE coming across as anti-ANC-Revolution.

    A Sadened South African,


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