Do not trust Iran!

Condi Rice on the Iran-nuclear controversy:

At this moment, Iran doesn’t appear to have an active weaponization program. That frankly is good news. But if it causes people to say, ‘Oh, well, then we don’t need to worry about what the Iranians are doing,’ I think we will have made a big mistake.

Couldn’t have put it better myself … Iran is a threat to the world as long as the Islamofascistic Ayatollahs and mullahs are in charge of that country. We must never give up fighting against terrorism and dictatorships!

Do not trust Iran!


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4 Responses to Do not trust Iran!

  1. Bill says:

    Well, I believe many countries as well as individuals of all countries will no longer worry thinking that America once again overreacted from the beginning. At what cost to innocent human life are we going to learn that any oppressive state should not be left alone? Need we continue to repeat Europe’s reaction to Nazi Germany. Look closely at these regimes and you begin to see a paranoia within its leadership as well as their desire to spread itself like a disease. In the end, the innocents in the oppressive country and those that can do little in the world suffer because a weakness to do what is morally right.
    Freedom comes with a price and unless you’ve had to pay for it, you have no comprehension of what it takes to be free.

  2. tegis says:

    “Need we continue to repeat Europe’s reaction to Nazi Germany.”

    Frankly speaking – yes. Sadly. And as for Sweden, it is really hard for this country’s citizens to understand citizens of the UK or the US, who have been, several times, exposed to terrorist attacks and seen their mates and children go to war far far away. We have had peace almost for 200 years here. Therefore I think we shouldn’t have a say on how people react towards terrorist threats. It is a little bit like Canada, always trying to moralize on their southern neighbor’s actions, but they haven’t been a target for terrorist attacks and so on. They have no say!

    It is a sad reflexion that America has to lean onto Europe in the discussion surrounding war on terror.

  3. Bill says:

    I fear that some countries/people would think it their fault if they were attacked – it is a woman’s fault she is raped because of what she wore or how she acted.

    In America there are many Americans that do not know what it is like to be nothing more than free. They view their government as totalitarian or even imperialistic without understanding what the words mean. Where else in the world can hate groups such as the KKK freely have rallys without the government cracking down? Where else can people opposing a president have rallys in the capitol without government intervention. These freedoms Americans take for granted since they never had to struggle for it.

    I sometimes think Canada forgets about its own issues such as discrimination against the French Canadians. Maybe it is some form of jealousy of the U.S. or the ongoing American joke that Canada is the 51st state that causes Canada’s anxiety about the U.S.

  4. Roland Dodds says:

    Off topic, but I got a post on my blog recently that is from a “group” that apparently supports violence against teachers on my blog. It seems too stupid to be true, but there it is, and I think it should be something people see for themselves.

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