Russia – leave our Baltic Sea alone

Today, the leaders of the opposition parties in Sweden, Mona Sahlin (S), Lars Ohly (VpK) and Peter Eriksson (Mp), is writing in Svenska Dagbladet about the Baltic pipeline that Russia wants to build from a little bit outside the old FinnoSwedish Castle Viborg (that is nowadays under Russian occupation) to Greitsweld (?) in the northern parts of Germany. Since the old German socialist Schröder was in charge, connections have never been better between Germany and Russia. Or maybe it has, but then we have to go back as far as the Nazi-Soviet nonaggression and friendship pact which divided Europe between the German Third Reich and the Soviet Union.

It is extremely (mark my words) seldom that I agree with what any of these hippies/socialists/communists/feminists has to say, but in this case I’m all with them. The pipeline not only threatens our beautiful Nordic nature, but it also threatens our safety. Instead I suggest we join Poland and the Baltic States in examining the possibility of rerouting the pipeline onto dry land.

We ought to seriously listen to these countries when it comes to dealing with Russia. Sweden and Europe tend to forget quickly, but these countries have suffered so much from Russian aggression so they know what Russia means. Russia, nevertheless if it is a Tsar-empire, a communistic empire, or a quasi-communistic/fascistic-non-democratic so-called democracy under Putin, has always meant bad business for its neighboring countries!

We should also bare in mind the Baltic Sea’s sensitive ecosystem. We should be proud of our nature here. It is a stunning sight and we should really cherish it better! And then again, it is our nature, and the Russians have no right to destroy it!



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12 Responses to Russia – leave our Baltic Sea alone

  1. Giulia Guidi says:

    I totally agree!

  2. So? says:

    Instead I suggest we join Poland and the Baltic States in examining the possibility of rerouting the pipeline onto dry land.

    That was the original plan, but the Poles sreamed bloody murder. So the plan was changed, again they screamed bloody murder. If the Russians decide to build an LNG terminal instead, I’m sure it’ll be seen as further proof of Russian imperialism. If they say fuck it, and build nothing at all, why that’s a declaration of war!

  3. tegis says:

    you don’t think that’s a sign on that they might have a reason for actually opposing Russian intervention in our territory?


  4. So? says:

    Building pipelines in international waters is intervention? Russia is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

  5. tegis says:

    Well, Russia ain’t precisely famous for its awareness and consideration for environmental issues. And secondly, if Russia is doing fine without the Baltic pipeline, then why build it in our waters in the first place?

  6. So? says:

    Every business wants to have as few middlemen to deal with, especially if they have a grudge against you. The pipeline will be built by Germans, BTW.

  7. tegis says:

    yea supported by Putin’s best friend, the socialist Gerhard Schröder … :S

    We should listen to Estonia’s and Poland’s experience of what the Russian slogan “we come in peace”, really means …


  8. So? says:

    Russia and Germany have put their past behind them. So have the Chinese and Japanese (when it comes to business at least).

  9. tegis says:

    Well, not really. With the socialists gone in Germany, this marks the end of an era in Russo-German comradeship. But yea, there are a lot of people in Germany who have a great interest of collaboration on economic matters. But both of these countries are seen with quite huge skepticism. Vocal parts of the old Soviet bloc truly do not trust Germany and what they see as its ambiguous or complaisant relationship with Russia. They would know – and we should learn from them.

  10. John Simon Ritchie says:

    >Russia and Germany have put their past behind them

    Oh really? Ask the Chechnyans!

    Or take a trip to Russian-occupied Königsberg or Viborg, and see how the “great Russian culture” has beautified those cities.

    Let’s have a Nordic defence union right now, within NATO, armed to the teeth and prepared for next time the Russians go looking for trouble/other people’s countries to vandalize. Because there WILL be a next time. And the only thing they respect is force.

  11. So? says:

    What do the Chechens have to do with Russo-German relations? Are they asking for Kaliningrad (nee Konigsberg) back? The relations with Japan are still chilly, because they want the Kurile Islands back. If you wish to waste money on useless junk, go right ahead. I don’t think adding even more cold damp real estate is in Russia’s plans. Maybe Eastern and Southern Ukraine… but even that is highly unlikely.

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