I am caricaturing a Prophet!

I’ve just created a new group on Facebook called “I am caricaturing a Prophet!”. This group is for everyone, regardless of nationality, political or religious believes, who believe in and want to defend freedom of speech and the foundation of democracy wherever it is being threatened in the world!

The reason for why this group was created is because of the death sentence against the Swedish artist, Lars Vilks, who drew Muhammed as a dog featured in a variety of situations. He did so due to he wanted to depict how fragile democracy really is and how hard it is for artists and craftsmen to perform their artistry nowadays because the risk of getting threatened by people who do not agree with the thought of people disagreeing with them. If was featured together with a lot of other drawings and was linked to the infamous trial in Poland.
In Poland, the artist and pro-choice (abortion) debater, Dorota Nieznalska, received a 6 months sentence of community service for painting this painting (it is a blind man and a crucifix with blood on, referring to that modern people tend to blind-fold themselves when it comes to the bloody history of Christianity).
Now, police have told Swedish artist Lars Vilks that it is not safe for him to remain at his home in southern Sweden following threats on his life from an al-Qaeda front organization in Iraq. We have to put an END to this! Our very democracy is at stake! We have to support the moderate Muslims who stand up for both their religious values and democracy at the same time, and we must never surrender the struggle against terrorism!
No one should be punished for expressing their thought of belief in a frank and honest way. That is a, even though I might not support or like it (I can even be disgusted by it), true heroic deed. It shouldn’t be though, but in this world it is …

And we all recall last year’s autumn Danish publication, in Jyllands-Posten, where they ran a series of cartoons about Islam, some of which caused grave offense to the Muslim population of that country. It even went so far that Sweden’s, Denmark’s and Norway’s embassies were burnt down, flags and dolls were burned and Arab ministers called for the Danish government to “punish” the newspaper (whatever that means).

Don’t the inhabitants in Iran, Egypt and Pakistan understand that when something bad happens in their own country the possessors of power will always wave with a copy of Jyllandsposten or Närkes Allehanda (news papers who actually dared to publish these cartoons) under their bloody noses? It is a trick for them keeping the masses compliant and manageable!!

It is necessary to crush once again the infamous thing, as Voltaire liked to say. This religious intolerance that accepts no mockery, no satire, no ridicule. We citizens of secular and democratic societies are summoned to condemn a dozen caricatures judged offensive to Islam. Summoned by who? By the Muslim Brotherhood, by Syria, the Islamic Jihad, the interior ministers of Arab countries, the Islamic Conferences – all paragons of tolerance, humanism and democracy.

So, we must apologize to them because the freedom of expression they refuse, day after day, to each of their citizens, faithful or militant, is exercised in a society that is not subject to their iron rule. It’s the world upside down. No, we will never apologize for being free to speak, to think and to believe. Because these self-proclaimed doctors of law have made this a point of principle, we have to be firm. They can claim whatever they like but we have the right to caricature Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Yahve and all forms of theism. It’s called freedom of expression in a secular country…Get used to it! Hopefully it will spread to your part of the world sooner or later! And yes, we believe in cultural “imperialism” – the spreading of democracy and freedom of speech and individualism!

As stated in the beginning, this group is for all of those who support democracy and oppose terrorism and religious people who cannot see the difference between Governmental businesses and religion, and cannot respect that some people have other believes than themselves and have the right to mock and criticize their believes!

It is also a place for all of you who want to contribute with a painting of your own! Feel free to upload all your caricatures, drawings and pictures of Prophets – Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, that elephant-God in Hinduism – you name it! Everything goes … why not a mix of them all fucking each other’s asses?


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This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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