The close link between food and home environment …

One of the things I miss the most when I’m out traveling (and one of those things I tend to miss the most with those places I leave behind me) are the local dishes and cookery. Somehow, it seems to me that food and culture is indeed very tight linked to each other. I was talking once with a girl from Caracas, Venezuela, and she mocked the hell out of me because I loved to drink milk. It seems to me that is very Nordic – to drink milk, for instance. In Latin America, she said, milk is only for babies and infants.

“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are,” wrote renowned gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1825. Maybe that’s true …

When I got home to Sweden, first thing I did was to buy a red bull.

That one only made me pretty sick in my stomuch for a while. I guess it is because I haven’t been drinking red bull in 10 months (plus it was 6 AM and I used it as a substitute for breakfast).

After that I have been trying all those important things I haven’t had opportunity to enjoy when I’ve been in Iceland.

First I had a “Kebab” (must be made in Sweden by Turkish, Kurdish or Assyrian immigrants, everything else’s a fraud!!!!):

And then I got a SHIMA-Special with beef and Béarnaise sauce (SHIMA is the local pizza parlor here in my student neighborhood):

And today I went to MAX. MAX is like McDonalds only with a Swedish nationalistic touch with Swedish music in the background and only Swedish products. =)

Other products that I’ve also a great deal of love for are:

The Arla Cow!!

And this weekend, my family and I will have the yearly traditional crayfish festival. And I will SO use those funny pointy hats as well … =)


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This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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One Response to The close link between food and home environment …

  1. Sara says:

    It will be interesting to try these things when I come to Sweden:) Promis I’lleat it;) hehe… I’m pretty sure that it’s though better then the Pekingsoup I tried with you:)

    But I’m glad you have reconnected with you’re swedish food:)

    Love you
    Koss koss:*

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