Two stupid incidents

Sweden or Switzerland? Non-Europeans often mix up Sweden and Switzerland. I was talking to an American girl the other day and she said that now that she had been to Switzerland she REALLY had to visit Sweden. I was like – wow that’s so great! It is a cool country, but tell me, I cannot see the connection? She goes: “I really wanna go there because they are almost the same country, they sound so similar .. aren’t they really close to each other?” Duuuh

IDIOT! How ignorant can you be?

Sven-Göran Eriksson is making sensation in England. The old, half-balded Swede is nowadays Manchester City’s new training coach and seemingly he’s doing a grand job! It is so funny though, after failing in the World Championship in Germany last year as the coach for the National English Soccer Team, he was bullied and haunted by the mass media in England and Sweden (and probably elsewhere as well). Now, he is regarded as a genius and the best thing ever happened to English soccer. It is just so dumb. It must be hard to always be just as good as you were the last game you played/coached. Journalists have to stop being so narrow-minded and start seeing the bigger picture of it all.




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10 Responses to Two stupid incidents

  1. Roland Dodds says:

    Aren’t both those countries right next to the other “S” nations in Europe like Slovakia and Slovenia? 

  2. tegis says:

    LOL =)

    Well, Americans should be excused though. When it comes to finding states (for instance knowing where Nebraska or Utah are on the map), I think most people in Europe would come off quite badly …


  3. Bill says:

    Really, to most Americans Europe doesn’t matter. Sorry, but Europe does not matter. The same goes for Europeans. America should not matter. Why should Americans care about Africa or Asia. Saying we are global is a myth. The vast majority of humans will never leave their homeland. To Americans Canada and Mexico are more important than Sweden.

    It would be nice if many Americans would be able to tell where a county is on the planet. This is a definite failure in America due to the reason that American teachers are far too busy pushing a political agenda than educating. You’ll find private schooled children and home schooled children far more advanced than public school children in America.

  4. tegis says:

    “Saying we are global is a myth”
    I would say that this is a common left-wing falsification of the truth.

    That we are global is a fact – A is A and can never be B.
    We should therefore take more things into considerations. It is therefore I support Bush’s war on terror, because it is right to combat terrorism and anti-democratic forces all around the globe and defend liberty and democracy where ever these values might be criticized. Because of this, it is also important to be aware of the world around us, because the fact is the world has never been smaller than it is right now. Therefore, I also care about America. As well as the Americans ought to care about Africa and Asia …


  5. Bill says:

    You are looking at it through political eys as well as business eyes. I’ve met Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, Middle Easterners, Brits, Danes, Canadians, Mexicans and yes Americans. We all have the sample views and that is the only thing important to us is what surrounds us.

    We may communicate globally and do business globally but that is it. The Dane at home really cares little about what the governor in Pennsylvania (a state in the U.S. for some of you which includes Americans). If we were truly global then that Dane would be concerned but he isn’t just like the individual living in California does not care about what goes on in Pennsylvania.

    The war on terror may be considered global but in reality it isn’t. It is basically a Muslim-American and American ally issue with Israel thrown in. The effects may have a global impact but again this is temporary. In thirty years, what will we think of the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, the path of history has been altered but in the end the common individual really does not notice it.

  6. Bill says:

    I do want to say that I commend you on your support for the war on terror for the reasons you state. Now, are you willing to invade North Korea, Iran and the African countries that do not have a democracy? This is the true test of your belief.

  7. tegis says:

    I see your point and I agree with you on your first examples. But the war on terror IS global. Copenhagen has been threatened, Norwegian soldiers have been killed. London and Madrid have both been bombed.
    We in the free world share the same (almost) culture and civilization. I think it is also right to expand this culture. Some might call this cultural imperialism, but if it is imperialism to spread values of democracy and liberty and the market based economy around the globe – then you can call me the biggest imperialist there is.

    I would support an attack on Iran, Sudan and Zimbabwe for instance. Not on North Korea and China however, because their armies are too strong and there would be just almost too impossible to succeed with implementing democracy in those communist countries. I wouldn’t bomb Havannah in Cuba either. The resistance against communism is on the move there and Castro is soon dead and buried. Let’s wait it out and see how things turns out.
    I would not invade Caracas, Venezuela. But I would definitely support local resistance groups and hire some assassins to kill him …

    Different countries and places have different background stories and therefore craves different solutions …

  8. Bill says:

    I concede to you that terrorism currently can be considered global.

    I agree with your assessment on Cuba but believe North Korea is not that big of a deal. Besides, if you believe in it you must go through with it.

    As for Venezuela, it is comical that this lunatic is worried about America when only certain Hollywood people pay attention to the country. The rest of the Americans think little of it unless it is on the news and some of the public school children place Venezuela in Africa and believe it to be the Zulu nation.

    Personally, I don’t support assassination on the American side since they typically screw those up and are always blamed for assassinations they are not invovled with. Assassinations do more harm than good.

  9. tegis says:

    “The rest of the Americans think little of it unless it is on the news and some of the public school children place Venezuela in Africa and believe it to be the Zulu nation.”
    haha, that’s a good one. How would you improve Americas bad education policies then?

  10. Bill says:

    That is difficult since there are multiple groups responsible and throwing money into it is a waste of time.

    You have to look at the public school leadership where like in all business people are overpaid and there is some that to run the school district as their little banana republic. There have been cases where nepotism comes into play and cheating or lying in order to receive money happens. A solution to this is a tighter control on the administration.

    As for teachers, there are some good teachers. Also, there are teachers that became teachers because they could do nothing else. For the most part there are teachers who put forth their political, ecological and spiritual agendas where it does not belong. One problem teachers face is the going back to school mandate. Sorry, but how much more is a teacher going learn about math, English or some other curriculum? This is a waste of a teacher’s time. No high school student in the U.S. is going to learn about abstract math or partial differential equations. Far little class room time is available because of requirements that the district or government puts it. Remove it! There is nothing special about teaching; my wife teaches and she has no teaching degree. If you can teach then do so. Remove ineffective instructors; union be damned.

    The third area and possibly the biggest problem are parents. There are plenty of parents that truly do not care about their child’s education. In a private school such as a Catholic school parents are encouraged if not recruited to participate due to the lack of money. With parental involvement the child does better. I have friends that teach and it is very sad to hear how divorced parents really screw up with a child’s education because the child is bouncing between parents and no one cares about the education. I really don’t know how to solve this particular issue – parents. I’ve thought about it for years. My homeschooled sons would blow out of the water any public school child. Why? My wife and I care about our sons education.

    This is a brief and incomplete description of the problem and possible solution. We could spend pages on this and barely touch all of the problems. Throwing money around is not the solution.

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