The left-wing and Islam

Elise Mariama Guldagger is a Muslim convert living in Senegal as a “tredjekone” third wife to the Muslim man, Demba Mansaré. I read about her in Svenska Dagbladet ( and her choice of life. I think it is disgusting and disdainful. It also says that she were growing up at “Nordiska folkhögskolan” in Kungsälv (situated at the telling street name “Olof Palme’s street nr. 1), Sweden. Both her parents were apperently teachers at that school (which gives me another line to complain about: WHY DO ALL TEACHERS IN SWEDEN HAVE TO BE FILTHY SOCIALISTS? Her mother was a hairy feminist and God knows what her dad was doing, but nothing more needs to be said about her childhood – it was red as Santa’s working-clothes.

According to her own statement, she always dreamed of being black, so she gathered her traps and left working as a voluntary (big surprise!) in Senegal. I mean, I hate this girl without even met her. :S

So she went down there, converted to Islam and got married to a guy that already had 2 other chicks. Idiot! And now she is all over the place trying to justify it saying that it is not oppression (although she says in another place that she usually go to bed crying if her husband is banging some of the other two hookers he’s married to.

I am NOT against polygamy. I think that everything should be legal and it should be up to Elise if she want to live her life as a slave. It is her own free choice and her life. I couldn’t care less. Only because I find it contemptuous, disgusting and that I puke a little inside when I see her face, doesn’t mean that my own feelings should create obstacle for her! She is a grown-up and she should be able to be in a polygamy-relationship if she wants to. That is not the problem. The problem is, however, that WHAT IS IT WITH THE LEFT-WINGS AND ISLAM?? Why do they oppose (and rightly so) discrimination against women and homosexuals and further on only when the oppressor is a WASP (you know, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)?? Add to that being a male and middle-class and above and you have the Devil himself reincarnated! But when the oppressor is a black male and, even better, an old freedom fighter against colonial oppression in an exotic African country, THEN WE DESERT ALL OUR FINE BELIEVES! Why so? Please someone tell me? This Danish/Swedish left-wing’s answer to what she thinks about her child, “Lill-Mariama”, being circumcised (i.e. in this case, some old bearded Muslim took a rusty knife and cut of her clitoris) is “I’ve learned to cope with it and accept the fact. I guess it is better this way because now she will be more accepted in the society”. The underlying message is clear: “This is how things work here and we should just accept that!”.

Well, nothing more needs to be said or done – Elise Mariama Guldagger is the worlds biggest hypocrite and she is completely taken in! Read more about her sad life here (in Swedish!) =

Hugs (to everyone except Elise Mariama Guldagger and everyone that is alike Elise Mariama Guldagger)!



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This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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11 Responses to The left-wing and Islam

  1. giustino says:

    As a former left-winger, I feel your pain. But you should understand that just as the left has its kooks, so does the right-wing, especially in America — ie. people that stockpile weapons in their homes waiting for judgment day.

    What is so sad is that people that believe in social democratic values — and I am still one — get sucked into these niche abysses — like the one this young woman got sucked into.

    I mean, I see it like this: there are two big ideas. The right is in love with the idea of the individual. The individual is above all else. The left is about the society. The society is more important.

    But, for example, in Estonia we have socialized medicine AND a flat tax. We have support for mothers of newborns AND a highly unregulated economy. It doesn’t have to be all one way or the other. Social democratic values can co-exist with liberal economic policy.

    I do believe that you have to bail some people out no matter one to keep society healthy (pensioners, for example). The cult of the individual is not a realistic platform on which to build a strong society.

  2. Justin says:

    Wow Carl. Reading this really takes me back… (I lived across the hall from you a few short moths ago in Iceland). Reading this article reminds me that you always did paint with pretty broad strokes. First of all, saying that ALL left wingers support human rights abuses by Islamic people is totally false, most only chose to take a culturaly relativist perspective in not judge the ways of other cultures based on those of their own. I will admit that all in all that the “left” (which is becoming a very indistinct and nebulous term for people from a truly broad political spectrum) has skewd towards supporting causes such as a free Palestinian state as well as millitary incursions into largly Islamic countries, but most evryone in this enigmatic left you speak of probably believes in basic human rights and wont give a free pass to black muslim freedom fighters. Calling these women prostitutes? Thats just low and disdainful. This women is probably just having trouble adjusting to life in a polygamous society and part of her registers her husbands ‘activities’ with his other wives as adultery (since that is what it wouyld be in Sweeden). Sweeden is the bizzaro-Sudan, its secular and cold, living there under that countries customs will come with some nearly incomprehensible adjustments from an outside perspective.

  3. tegis says:

    Juustin! =) What’s up! I hope life treats you good! Thank you for writing and apparently also reading my blog! Of course it is always wrong to generalize but over all has the left of today some great problems of trustworthiness when it comes to these kinds of questions. Just look on how much they focus on color and gender in the U.S. right now. And poor John Edwards, he is way to white and too little female =) the left has been focusing too much on those factors that they, according to themselves, aim to battle – gender and color. The same thing here. When a black man is a racist, then it becomes hard for the left-winger. If the young teenage feminist girl starts to proclaim that she hates men, she’ll be excused.
    Of course it is low and disdainful looking down on these, seemingly, poor women who are being oppressed by the African-Islamic culture. But the revolution of the mind has to start SOMEWHERE, right? People have to react towards utilization and tyranny otherwise nothing would happen, right? But these women also fuel the pyre making it even worse. These women on Elise’s side here were those who mutilated Elise’s little girl and they did it of their own free will. People that are being oppressed but collaborate with the oppressors can’t expect any pity …

  4. tegis says:

    Giustino: Thank you for your contribution.

    I rather have a weak society but with strong individuals than a strong society with weak individuals.

    Ergo …

  5. giustino says:

    “I rather have a weak society but with strong individuals than a strong society with weak individuals.”

    There are lots of weak individuals everywhere. The problem is to get them off the bench in the public park and ‘somewhere else’ (public housing?, vocational school? Afghanistan?) because that park is also my goddamn park too and I don’t want to smell their stinky breath.

  6. Tove says:

    Dear Calle,
    I’m quite surprised at your contempt with the warm persons you obviously never met. Please look into the real work being done by Elise and her husband before you judge them so ignorantly

    • Imaani says:

      Dear Tove

      So because the blog owner disagrees with somebodys life choices, that makes them igorant? or because they don’t share your outlook? Wow that is a disturbing way to view criticism.

      I think it is ignorant to pretend polygamy works when she then moves half way across the world and lives a confortable life – away from her husband and her co-wives.
      Marriage in Islam is an institution and in most case such long partition especially in light of that it serves no good other than the womans own selfish needs, is a valid cause for divorce. You can not have your cake and eat it too. If you want to marry somebody and live as their 3rd wife – thats their choice. But to then feel discomfort when he spends time and is initimate with the other wife does not sound like a fulfilling marriage or equal in that matter. The irony is smacking you in the face when the husband at the same times claims he has been blessed by Allah to treat his wives equally so polygamy is not a problem. Well then the husband is clearly ignorant of Islam. The holy Quran clearly says “It is not within your power to be perfectly equitable in your treatment with all your wives, even if you wish to be so.” In Islam the (always conveniently ommitted) condition for polygamy is equal treatment. On top of that the scandinavian 3rd wife when asked in the interview as to why polygamy, she quicky resorts to same old brainwashed mantra as the proponants of polygamy in Islam. That women outnumber men. The husband claims polygamy is ok and dishes out the same old brainwash nonsense as his ilk, namely that polygamy happens in europe too. he cites it as a norm that all men in europe have mistresses. Not being able to to distinguish between the woman you bang occassionally where there are no commitments ór vows involved and then legally taking a wife where both parties are committed to each other. There are so many things wrong with such statements I dont know where to begin. Who is ignorant now, one is forced to ask. Kindly enlight yourself before you rush to defense of such nonsense. Taking in all the facts and not just those that suit you.

  7. tegis says:

    Her husband is a bastard who openly defends female slavery. Elise is a hypocrite of the finest order.
    Enough said …

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  9. Flieflodderke says:

    She was his third or FOURTH wife? Didnt he have a Belgian woman before?

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