Israel helps Darfur – the Arab Nations support the genocide!

A mass murder was carried out yesterday by the Egyptian government at the borders to Israel. Tens of thousands of refugees from the war-torn region Darfur in Sudan is fleeing their country. In Darfur, the Arabs that are in charge of the power, have been carrying out a genocide on the black population for some years now. Not that unlikely, this has been going on while the United Nation has been turning their back around (or more truthfully, trying to get to action but found themselves unable to do so because of the Arab nations that are supporting the Arab-led Sudan government. Now the poor fugitives have been fleeing all the way to Egypt. There the secret agency is collaborating with the government in Sudan and sends them back, or, more frequently occurring, simply just kills them. The latter was to be seen near the border to Israel yesterday (as I mentioned before). The Egyptian police force killed around 100 people with their automatic rifles. This has spurred the Israeli government to open up their borders for fleeing Sudanesians, in spite of that Sudan support the over-all Arabic policy that Israel should be nuked out of the map.

I cannot help to wonder what the left-wing hippies would say – that hates Israel over everything else in the world (together with the USA) and condemns every little thing they do; although they are doing much more for the peace process than any of the Palestinian movements are doing (there are 2 by the way – the terrorist league and the league of corrupt politicians and sweaters1)!


1) Sadly of course, it shouldn’t be like this. I support a two state solution, under the conditions that a Palestinian government actually acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a country and condemns ALL terror activity without any buts and evasive answers!



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