The Calle-breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, preceding lunch or dinner and is typically eaten in the morning. The English word derives from the idea of breaking the involuntary fast of sleep, thus signifying the first meal eaten after awakening. In Swedish, we use the word “frukost” meaning the early meal and its etymology derives mainly from German (früh and kost). Funny though, in Danish they use the same word but for lunch! 🙂 The crazy Danes use “Morgenmad” (the food you eat in the morning) instead for breakfast.

I love the breakfast meal. It is the best one of the day. If I have time, it can take me an hour to get through the whole of my breakfast and you feel really relaxed afterwards. MY special breakfast (The Calle-breakfast) include:

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and soured milk

(no it is not my cat, it is just a good picture illustrating the bowl of corn flakes and sour milk. However, I would never have that much corn flakes in one bowl. :S It gets too gooey after a while.

A slice of bread with Kalles Kaviar on

A pot of tea (including honey and milk)


(This is only thanks to Tara Tawfique …)

Some fruit of any kind (preferably strawberries (preferably Swedish))

And if I feel for it … one or two slices of herring (mustard or standard)

And of course … (I have to read something) Kalle Anka- pocketbooks (in Swedish or English … Danish/Norwegian and Spanish is OK if it is a crisis). 

And now I’m going to eat some breakfast! See ya!


About tegis

This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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8 Responses to The Calle-breakfast

  1. Charlie says:

    Og du siger vi er skøre! Vi spiser i det mindste ikke fisk til morgenmad 😉

  2. tegis says:

    haha hvad spiser I till morgenmad då? 🙂

  3. Charlie says:

    ostemadder eller havregryn/cornflakes eller noget i den stil – og masser af kaffe!

  4. tegis says:

    Kaffe færgar tenderne…det er ikke godt! =) Jeg vil ha kvar mitt dollar-smile =)


  5. Charlie says:

    Man kan altid blege dem igen 😉
    Men så kan du heller ikke drikke te, rødvin og ryge…

  6. tegis says:

    Det er sant, det skall jeg göre nästa sommar tillsammans med ska förhoppningsvis åka till Estland en liten stund och där är det ju väldigt billigt med sådana saker.
    Jag älskar ju te och rödvin…ryge har jag inte den blekaste om vad det är 🙂

  7. Charlie says:

    ryge = smoke cigarettes 😉

  8. tegis says:

    att röka (på det civiliserade språket) =)

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