Bomb, bomb Denmark!

Here we have some nice fellows above, don’t we? Today, British courts sentenced 4 Muslim extremists to jail for “hate speeches” and for “provoking for terrorism and stirring up racial hatred”. The event took place during the protest marches that the Danish drawings caused last year.

Their unanimous answer to the few Danish drawings was that “Europe … will pay with it’s blood!”. Now isn’t that pure logic for ya?

Let me tell you what! It is good to have a society built on the basic principle of multiculturalism and diversity – but the society must have some basic foundations of value to lean back on, otherwise it won’t work! And some cultures are just not fit together. There are several obstacles with having fanatic Muslims in our common societies today and we shouldn’t allow them to reside here if they continue to put their religion and those customs and laws that follow with Islam BEFORE our western laws and traditions of democracy, freedom of speech and other values that we (ought to) take for granted. It took a long time for us to build this up and a great suffer so why do we let some long-bearded Ayatollahs and other stone-throwing Muslim fanatics ruin it for us?

We must never give up this struggle against intolerance, reactionary movements and undemocratic/fascistic power.

Where will we otherwise be at in the future?

Thank you Great Britain – for showing the Muslims that they have to adjust.



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One Response to Bomb, bomb Denmark!

  1. Berit says:

    This is by Porretto from Eternity Road:
    * A country that successfully absorbed a large influx of immigrants had no welfare state worth mentioning.
    * The immigrant wave came overwhelmingly from religiously and culturally compatible sources — not identical, but similar enough that assimilation was possible and the retention of some vestigial customs from the mother country was socially tolerable.
    * The immigrants were required to assimilate to the language, laws, and public norms of their adopted home; they were expected to accommodate themselves to their new nation’s institutions and customs, not the reverse.
    * Law and popular sentiment were well aligned in all the above respects; no one entertained any fantasies about the immigrants’ “right” to found exclaves, whether political, cultural, or linguistic, in their new land.

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