Stockholm Transport launches zero tolerance policy against moochers!

Stockholm Transport (SL) has announced plans to clamp down on public transport cheats. Hey, heey! Hold on now. It’s going way too fast! So you mean you’ve already found out that mooching is wrong? Wow, how impressive! What’s next? Get real punishments for hard-core criminals and stop giving them better food than even our poor elders are getting?

Well, a new proposal to be presented at next week’s board meeting has called for an increase in spot checks, more secure barriers and steeper fines. Repeat offenders also risk being reported to the police more often than is currently the case. Also, fines for travelling without a ticket are to be raised from 800 kronor ($115) to 1,200 kronor.

I would consider this as great news. Far too many people travel with our public transportation (that are being propped up by tax-money) without paying. I mean SL alone estimates that non-payment of tickets results in an annual loss of revenue to the value of 200 million Swedish kronor. That situation is unbearable! So now when we finally get REAL laws for stopping these moochers and lechers sucking on our common welfare and the contributions from loyal and honest taxpayers, I have just one thing to say to all of these free-riders, spoiled suburban teenagers and hippies;

Ha ha!


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