The bronze statue in Tallinn is a Finnish-Estonian Anti-Russian war hero!

That’s right folks! The truth is unveiled! The bronze statue in Tallinn is a Finnish-Estonian Anti-Russian war hero! His name is

Kristjan Palusalu!

Talkin’ ’bout bein’ equal as cherry, as we use to say in Sweden! Well, to clear things out I might need to explain the whole thing. Kristjan Palusalu was an Estonian heavyweight wrestler and Olympic medalist. Born in Lääne County (which also contains Noarootsi and Vormsi where a lot of the Estonian-Swedes were living before and some of them still are) in Estonia, Palusalu is best remembered for winning two gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. He was given the honor of carrying the Estonian flag to the Olympic Stadium. After the Soviet Union occupied Estonia (occupied not freed you dimwitted Russians!!!!!!!!!) in 1940 and war broke out, Palusalu was deported to Russia. He thereby was forced to join the Red Army. Palusalu was then participating in the war against Finland but there he is said to have been running over to the Finnish side during dual exchange of fire. His friend, who joined him, got shot by the Russians in the back, but Palusalu made it and the Finnish soldiers acknowledged the Olympic wrestler immediately. He could then return to his motherland Estonia, which during that time had been freed by the Germans (so did many Estonians see this during this time). It wouldn’t take long until the Germans as well were to be seen as occupants. After the return of the Soviet army in 1944 he was arrested again, but was later allowed to work as trainer. He was not forgotten by the Estonian people. Perhaps because his life reflected the fate of the whole nation, Kristjan Palusalu has remained one of the most popular sportsmen in Estonia throughout history.

Do you guys know the jew-killing camp called Auschwitch? Well, there is a sign still hangin’ there that says in German “Arbeit macht frei!” (To work makes you free). One of the letters, the B if I’m not being mistaken, is spelled upside down. This is said to be done as a silent protest against the fascists that ran the genocide-camp. The same thing can now be unveiled about the Bronze Soldier statue. It was simply a silent and hidden message of resistance against the Russian fascists (!!!!!!!!!!)! The sculpture, Enn Roos, used Palusalu as a model for his sculpture because Palusalu was in disgrace with the Soviet authorities. When the Soviet officials however asked him who was the model he answered kinda vague that it was “a young worker who lived nearby”.

Take that, Russian fascists/communists/Putinists/imperialists! Don’t you DARE using genocide and anti-fascism to approve your own fascism and genocide. Don’t you DARE! And all of you soft-minded left-winged crackpots out there; don’t you DARE buying this! Just because the German expresident Gerhard Schröder is stupid enough obviously to do so doesn’t mean that you have to be equally dimwitted and ignorant!


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  1. Free Italy says:

    Love Estonia and his heroic and wonderful people

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