More on German communism … =)

I am actually slightly entertained. This is a follow-up to my last thread about the RAF-member/terrorist scumbag Brigitte Mohnhaupt. Thank you Sallo for lightning up my day. =)

1. What have cowboys to do with standing up against terrorism and fascistic ideologies like communism that causes a threat to our freedom and democracy?

2. I actually DO know about the student protests in Germany (and elsewhere) and the development of these actions in Germany. It is a severe mistake to distrust and underestimate your opponent’s skill, talent and knowledge if you do not know anything about him or her. A severe mistake!

I also know about the shooting of this guy Ohnesberg who became a martyr for the growing German student movement. I know about this because I am active in politics for the Iranian struggle against the Islamic fascism that sadly rules the former Persian Kingdom/Shahdom right now. This rally coincided with that the Shah of Iran visited Berlin.

Of course it is not right to massacre protesters and tree huggers, no matter how pathetic they are. You can equal these rallies with them rallies we had in Gothemburg, Sweden, during 2001. It wasn’t right with the assaults the police brought upon the protesters then and it wasn’t right back in 1968 either. But equal with the actions in Gbg 2001, the rallies in 1968 were causing severe threat to innocent people and it was hard to differ the bad guys from the good guys. And why are the police there? They are there to protect and to serve the people and if a huge angry mob suddenly threatening the city, well of course they have to do what is needed to save the city and the rest of its citizens? And if this Bello was so innocent he shouldn’t even be there! I’m not saying that the killing of Bello was right, but he has himself to blame. And it is no doubt that the police force were doing a really crappy job that day. If they had been using water cannons and fences and thus limited the spread of the rally, this would never had happened.

And where were these commies/murders that have been depicted as heroes and heroines for the European left? Well, Andreas Baader, true to his habit, was cooling his heels in a Traunstein jail, serving time for stealing a motorcycle. He was nothing more but a thief and a foolish youngster who wanted to kill people who thought differently from himself.

The people back from 1968 must be proud. Thanks to them communism in Vietnam lives on, oppressing people even in our contemporaries and causes severe obstacles for economic growth and happiness and freedom for ordinary people in Indo-China. This is the “peace-protesters” fault! Everyone who took part in the leftist-student movements in 68 and onwards ought to be ashamed …


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7 Responses to More on German communism … =)

  1. Lisa says:

    Haha. Bilden på dig och Grönlandbarnen är sötast EVER! Lägg upp den 😀

  2. tegis says:

    hehe ok will do =)

  3. killkess says:

    His name was Benno Ohnesorg not Ohnesberg… seems like you dont know as much about the topic as you want to duggest to the readers.

  4. tegis says:

    haha one lousy letter? Common you dorky commie! 😉 Couldn’t you come up with something better than that? What about trying to get some reaction on my writing and ideas instead?

    Nagging is a perfect example on things to use when you do not have anything better to say! 😉


  5. killkess says:

    More than 1 lousy letter… but i am not here to teach you how to count 😉

    Just as a quick reaction.. regardless of what you think about people like Brigitte Mohnhaupt.. i would not call anybody scumbag without even having talked to them. What is right or wrong or even the whole ethic is not much more than a spirit of time. It changes like people vary their suits.

    You just talked about commis.. what are youre thoughts about the other side? The so called “bourgeoisie”, globalization and capitalism?

  6. tegis says:

    Well, the only letter that obviously was misspelled was the letter “e” (instead of “o”). The other one shouldn’t be there at all (“b”).
    This is the kind of unimportant nonsense that really grinds my gears! But hey, let’s not hook up on that one – I will devote my next contribution on Birgitte (you spelled her name wrong *smile* *sigh*) Mohnhaupt, the RAF and other terrorists and clearly describe my stance there. But right now I have to study Icelandic!

    Dammit it is such a hard language! =) Fuckin’ málfraedi 🙂

  7. killkess says:

    Sorry but her name still is Brigitte…


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