We did it!

(The following post was originally posted on http://www.carlteglund.blogspot.com September 26 2006)

Sweden is finally freed from the hands of Socialism after its ruling over our country for over the past 64 years. Till this day, Sweden was an extraordinary exception among other democracies in the world, and has turned to be something alike a one-party state. Particularly, the past 12 years stand as a good example of its own, due to the arrogance of the former Prime Minister Goran Persson, when he more and more became the whole governmental administration himself.
Thank you all out there that voted for a free non-socialistic Sweden! Let’s join together and make the best of it, but still constitute an active opposition also to this government and remind them of the importance of true liberalism!

//Carl-Mikael A. Teglund


About tegis

This blog belongs to Carl-Mikael A. Teglund - tegis. Swedish emigrant with a heart for languages, philosophy, history, and politics (classical liberalism in the European tradition). Go ahead and look, read, or listen. I'm sure you will find it interesting.
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