Unemployment is rising

(The following post was originally posted on http://www.carlteglund.blogspot.com January 07 2006)

Unemployment is always a tragedy to everybody that strikes of it. It can even make really purposefully, self-confident and capable women and men starting to doubt on themselves and slide into a depression. Particularly hard does it strike on those that have studied a long time on University just to face a situation of powerlessness in the darkness of unemployment.
When you are a student it means not only that you commit time on your studies, but also great amount of money as well for most students. You invest in yourself, but in nowadays Sweden you are unable to develop and use your inner force of self management.
Unemployment is increasing especially among youngsters today, but the Government does not do anything for a change.

The most striking and liking that is for the Government to do to resist the problem is to appoint a commission of inquiry with public white-collar workers. They can also very likely call for a national meeting with all the leading top politics on spot.
Here we do have the fundamental problem with the Social Democratic policy dealing with unemployment in general and the unemployment of youths in particular. They think that politicians and policies can fight unemployment. That’s completely wrong.
It is not the State, nor the politicians or the socialistic movement that shall save the people from the ghost of unemployment, but common people that are able to create and change their own weekdays.

It is whatever LO and the socialists are advocating, the capitalist, the self-employed and the businessman that are really superheroes in this issue.
The climate of business could be better of course, and today it’s an embarrassing story of bureaucratic red tape, market complications and high employer taxation.
I think that this is also a base for unemployment and the problems for our youths today.

In the recent general election Goran Persson promised the unemployment among youths would be halved. In contrast, it has doubled and today 60 000 young people openly unemployed and additional 20 000 people needs to take part of different sorts of temporary jobs administrated by the Swedish Employment Service (AMS) and courses, just because it will look better in international statistics, because they won’t appear on the real statistic of unemployment. Of course it is worst for students that have study so long for their degree, and need anyways to get a job were they do not need their given knowledge.
We can’t have a society where you can study for five years and you still don’t get more that those that have recently graduated upper secondary school. It feels like you combat knowledge, eager to learn and eager to create something with your life.

We need people who do something with their life. We need creators, we need business owners, and we need doctors and teachers etcetera.
This is what makes the world go around. Is it hard for our Prime Minister and his cabinet to understand this?
Evidently, because of during these ten years in office, they have uninterruptedly aggravated the situation. If we don’t do anything soon, a whole generation will be outsiders of the labor market. We know that people in general really want to work and do what they can for a living.
But in a system that hold them back, mankind’s made passive and one get disabled.

Those who built Sweden were young, strong-willed people that wanted something. They had a hunger for success. Today we aren’t hungry anymore. Those who were needed in the 19th Century are certainly needed now again. Where are you, all of you weekday-heroes that are willing to work a nine-to-five because you know that’s right and you feeling good to do it?
Have our Government completely annihilated all of you?
Stop being quite and tell the politicians who are paying the price of the so called welfare state, that it’s you, not them.

Fredrik Reinfeldt once said that “Swedish envy and contempt towards academicians are what the Social Democratic Party is building their constituencies and generate opinions on”.
Today, there are more and more young people agree with him.


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