The villainous state of North Korea

(The following post was originally posted on October 10 2006)

North Korea says it has successfully carried out its first nuclear weapon test two days ago. This is an alarming development of the situation on the Korean peninsula. There are no doubts that North Korea is among others one of the most dangerous countries in the world, and that its leader, Kim Il Jong “the beloved leader”, is a complete wacko! Come to think of it, since the worst countries in history have been totalitarian socialist countries, why are we so consumed by anti-Nazism in Swedish schools today? Nazism, Communism, Feminism, Socialism and Fascism are all evil collective-based anti-liberal ideologies and should all be treated the same! They have a focal point that is always the same, namely to put one collective (with pre-written abilities and value) against another one. The result is that the single individual, you and me, are left behind and our individual value is not longer considered as important. Swedish public schools have to be way better to express this to our pupils and make them understand that all collective-based anti-free ideologies are the same and, instead of just focusing on one evil ideology, educate just as much about the crimes of Communism as the ones of Nazism.

However, I see very few bright spots in this matter. I say like Clinton said: “If they bomb our democracy, we bomb their dictatorship back to the stoneages”! A dictator like Kim Il Jong cannot understand the language of diplomacy, and the country is isolated already – sanctions won’t do any difference, the only language that he understands is the one of force. So let it be then, let us continue the war against terror and antifreedom elsewhere. I would be rather funny to see if our friends in the autonomous left around the world would complain about that, now that we are going to save the world from a wacko with atomic weapons. But, as always, it is the US (don’t expect Sweden to help) that have to take the lead. And therefore we will see a lot of teens with shawls from Palestine (in colours of pink and light green) protesting against how evil USA are. Funny though, I haven’t seen any of them loosers taking it to the streets when Saddam murdered Kurds or when Kim Il Jong murdered his own people.

Well, don’t expect logical reasons from left-wing people! That’s just a waste of time!


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