The Problems Latin-America are actually facing

 (The following post was originally posted on December 26 2005)

Somebody told me recently that the problem with Latin-America is that the continent has been way to far liberalized. The problem is quite the opposite. Because of bigger and bigger governmental spending in the public sector, we have a situation were these huge national and local governments constitute the perfect base for Latin-America’s real problem – namely the corruption.
It is all thanks to socialism and conservative politics in absurdum and this is most prosperous way to resist it is with a small, but shapely edged state, few employees in the public sector, anti- bureaucracy and privatizations former public affairs, adopt more frequently used checks and balances in state system and of course a wider dividend of public power at more active levels…
What we got there is namely liberalism, of course.

The second biggest problem of the continent is the huge, and sadly increasing, amount of delinquent juveniles and criminal gangs. This must of course be fought with rough stuff towards delinquents, to fight the corruption of the police corps with radical methods (see above) , but also of course stake much more of the public spending on schools and alternative youth programs, so the delinquent juveniles can see more realistic alternatives to get our of their Favela and ghettos than to steel and serve the Gangster kings.

To get rid of these problems you will also need North America, and a alliance towards poverty, illiteracy and for a greater economic growth between North and South must occur.
Sadly, it is just Mexico and EEUU (USA) that seems to be able to be overt in this measure, and socialism and populist communism spreading over the continent, now sadly recently in Bolivia with Evo Morales.
Hugo Chavez also put the negotiations in sink with his aggression towards the States, capitalism and free trade during the meeting in Argentina.
Apropos of Argentina by the way, Kirschner must be removed from power immediately because of the Latin-American variant of nationalistic, authoritarian Swedish Social Democracy, namely the Perionism.
Das must weg Kirschner!


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