The President of Iran is out of his mind!

(The following post was originally posted on January 26 2006)

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a dangerous man. It was a long time ago since a world leader proclaimed that a whole nation must be annihilated. The statement was made during a conference with the name “world without Zionism”. 4 000 students were there able to hear that Israel should better vanish from the surface of earth. A country, with a President that is advocating this kind of measures, must be battled against with all efforts that can be made. We must never surrender towards dictators.
In Iran was it at the same time the yearly celebrated “pageant of hate” towards all Jews, and it was during this occasion that President Ahmadinejad did his speech. General meetings were held all over the country and some moderation were not to be seen, rather an influx for the opinions that Ahmadinejad were delivering.
Demonstrators were dragging the banner of Israel along the streets to stomp on them and later burn them. There were coffins carried along with the American banner around them and dolls were being burned that depicted the US President George W Bush. In the capitol, Teheran, tens or thousands supporters for the regime were entering the streets.
The founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, introduced this day as an integrated part of Ramadan, the Muslim Fasting month. This day is nothing but the big day for terrorists, and must be attentive and condemned by every one of those that wants to struggle for peace in the Middle East region.
During the combat in Iraq the dictators of the world were given an example on that an invasion and a liberalization of their own oppressed countries actually is possible. George w Bush’s vow during his re-election campaign was that he was aiming to “finish the job” if he got re-elected, and that have to keep at least one Ayatollah woken during nighttime.
Iran under President Khatami was more liberal and a dialogue was being held with the US, and even Israel. But it wasn’t that long ago since the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ruhollah Khomeiny, let his soldiers march over the banner of USA and now is seems that the rhetoric have been adopted once again.
What man has the right to call a democratic country for a “disgraceful blot”, when he himself rules a country with terror and oppression, where women are equally valued as cattle’s and the opposition is being decapitated. Iran is one of the world’s most non-free countries and to wish a whole race, the Jew’s, death, when your own country terrorizing your own people, at least has to take the price for greatest lunacy. The political Islam that holds power in Iran kills, stones, kidnapping and torturing people just to be able to continue to oppress and to force the veil unto the heads of females and maintain inhuman laws and order. All laws points out females to be weak and inferior creatures that because of their female sex have a lower human value. Women have to cover their whole bodies, and it has been founded laws that are separating females from males at common places like busses, bancs, schools, within the medical treatment, and even on private parties and meetings.
This is not even only a expression for women’s lack of legal rights, but also a disdain for all the inhabitants of the society, both males and females. It is a sign of humanities lack of legal rights and should be enough for the surrounding world to give a helping hand to free Iran from its oppressors. The sexual apartheid within many Islamic countries today is reprehensible and must be condemn and fought in a harsh way.
The democratic countries around the world must do something towards the Islamic Republic, where the Islamic oppression has been going on for almost 30 years now. The Islamic Republic of Iran is also a security risk within the region of the Middle East, because that the country is supporting terrorist Islamic groups and movements that send young men and women into a certain death, both in Iraq and Israel.
Long distance missiles are being lined up alongside of military constructions in Iran, ready to kill, pointed towards Israel, and decorated with racist, anti-Zionist slogans.
A country like Iran is a contrast to the world that all people with a sense want to live in, and it’s a tragedy that Iran still allows membership within the United Nations.
Maybe that tells us a lot more about the absurd standpoint and hypocrisy of the United Nations than ever.


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